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Friday, October 31, 2014


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Welcome back to The Scoop, the 4 p.m. report on everything politics in Rhode Island – the inside daily report exclusively on

With the General Election now 4 days away, GoLocal is bringing you the daily campaign updates of note -- who's getting new endorsements, bringing in money, or making big, bold announcements, with all eyes on November 4.

In today's Scoop, President Barack Obama and Gina Raimondo stopped by Gregg's Family Restaurant for lunch, Allan Fung called out Raimondo on ethical standards, and more.


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Obama and Raimondo Dine at Gregg's

President Barack Obama and Gina Raimondo stopped by Gregg's Family Restaurant for lunch. 

“So the word is that the chocolate layer cake here is deadly and it’s devilish. And so for Halloween this is the kind of sin we want to commit," Obama said.

Obama bought a whole "Death by Chocolate" cake and a cheeseburger to go. He also purchased a turkey club for Raimondo. 

Obama left a $20 tip.

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Fung Calls out Raimondo on Ethical Standards

Allan Fung claims Gina Raimondo's record is at odds with with the ethics platform she proposed during a televised debate.

“Treasurer Raimondo is excellent at saying one thing while doing another,” noted campaign spokesman Robert Coupe.  “Voters need to know that they are being mislead by a candidate who will say anything to get elected, even if she doesn’t follow her own rules.  Allan Fung has a credible plan to restore ethics in government and end the insider deals.  He has a record of reform in Cranston and he is the only candidate for governor that the voters can trust to shake up the Statehouse.”

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AAA Southern New England Supports Question 6

AAA Southern New England has announced their support of Question 6, which is the Mass Transit Hub Infrastructure Bond referendum.

According to Mark A. Shaw, AAA Southern New England President & CEO, "support for Question 6 is important for a number of reasons. A strong multi-modal transportation system is vital to a strong economy. Plus, a greater number of viable transportation options available to Rhode Islanders will ease traffic congestion and enhance safety on our highways, ultimately benefiting all motorists."

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181 Businesses Join Anti-Casino Movement

181 RI small businesses have joined the fight against the expansion of Newport Grand.

Liz Taber, Campaign Coordinator for CCACG issued the following statement:

“Small businesses are the backbone of Newport’s economy and culture. They employ thousands of people year-round and even more on a seasonal basis. One of the charms of our seaside New England town is being able to walk into a shop and know the owner. Mom and pop shops are part of what makes Newport an internationally recognized tourist destination. Lincoln does not share the vibrant small business community that so defines Newport which is why Newport has more to risk with expanded casino gambling.

The developers have refused to talk about the real impact of a table game license to our local businesses and our community. Table games would allow the casino to absorb the overhead costs and give them an unfair advantage over our local businesses.

We’re happy that so many local businesses are standing up for our local economy and speaking out against the casino expansion.”

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American Democracy Project at RIC Releases Focus Group Results

Focus group research conducted by the American Democracy Project (ADP) at RIC shows that RI voters are not confident their next governor will improve the state’s economic outlook.

“Unlike other focus groups ADP at RIC has conducted for past gubernatorial races, this year was unusual in that there was a consistent sense of pessimism about the entire political process, including faith in the candidates’ ability to improve the economy and effect positive change,” said Val Endress, Associate Professor of Communication and Director of the ADP at RIC.

See results here

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Speaker Mattiello Supports Representative Morgan's "Retiree Relief' Bill

Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s has stated his support of Representative Patricia Morgan's 'Retiree Relief' bill.

Representative Morgan’s bill, (2014-H 7916), was co-sponsored by the Republican caucus and included payment of social security benefits to the modification reducing federal adjusted gross income on personal income taxes.

“I am delighted that Speaker Mattiello stated he is in favor of legislation which would greatly assist our seniors in these especially difficult economic times,” said Morgan. “I look forward to re-introducing both of my ‘retiree relief” bills in the coming session to see this important legislation through,” Morgan said. ‘COLA’s have disappeared and our seniors are worried – this is a way to help them stay in Rhode Island where they have worked and raised families.”


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