EDITORIAL: Raimondo’s Advisors Don’t Believe in Raimondo

Thursday, August 16, 2018


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Raimondo continues to refuse to debate Brown and Dickinson

It seems almost impossible that an incumbent governor, with low unemployment and significant economic growth, would be afraid to debate a pair of underfunded, low name-recognition challengers.

But, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s advisors -- most from the Beltway and not from the East Bay, or the West Bay -- have convinced Raimondo to believe that the likes of Matt Brown and Spencer Dickinson are too dangerous to debate.

Raimondo is on course to raise nearly $8 million in campaign donations in her four-year re-election bid. In contrast, Brown and Dickinson combined might have to sell apples and pencils in front of the debate hall to be able to afford to pay for their share of the cost of renting the space.

The Washington crew — the consultants from DC — paid with the dollars raised from Wall Street, are providing a disservice to the Governor.

If there was ever a governor ready to debate, it is Raimondo. Educated at Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, Raimondo has held statewide office for eight years -- and engaged in numerous primary debates before first elected as governor in 2014.

Raimondo’s advisors need to have more respect for her. She needs to have more confidence in herself. Raimondo, Rhode Island’s first female governor, needs to demonstrate the leadership to lead the state for the next four years.

Someone who is hiding and running from a political debate is not what Rhode Islanders need. The state needs a fearless leader who will reform education, transform healthcare and improve the economy.

Raimondo should reject the bad advice and show the voters of Rhode Island why she is the best candidate to lead Rhode Island.


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