MUSIC: Pals Progressively Rock Dusk

Monday, September 09, 2013


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Dusk had a little something for everyone Thursday night, with Pals headlining the show.

There seems to be an anti-genre movement when it comes to shows in Providence recently. Bands of all styles are getting together to put on awesome shows and it's a great thing to see. This past Thursday at Dusk it was very evident with progressive rockers Pals headlined a show with punks in Neutrinos!, the soulful Cory Waldron & The New New Band and disco funk R&B fiends Jetty rounding out a bill full of variety. Sometimes you get tired of the same and you crave to capture something different, this night at Dusk was the epitome of that.


Right when I saw one of the few bands that have a name with an exclamation point, I immediately thought of The Ramones. Neutrinos! started things off with infectious energy but I couldn't hear anything they were singing about. It's awfully hard to hear the vocals when the one who is doing the singing is having trouble trying to keep his face in front of the microphone while paying attention to the notes on his guitar. Overall, their music was pretty rad and I dug it. They said it was their last show but I really hope I get to see Neutrinos! play again.

Cory Waldron & The New New Band

To get romantic, people like to listen to the classics like Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Barry White. If you're ever looking to take your significant other out for a glass of wine, candlelight dinner and even a walk on the beach, I suggest checking out Cory Waldron & The New New Band to set the mood. They surely did on this night, straight up sexy stuff that had people bobbing their heads as if they were in a trance. "Guilty", "Vibrate", "Where To Look For Love" and a version of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" highlighted a supreme performance. Cory and his band will be playing at The Spot later this month on September 30th, that's a show you better go to.


I've been saying this a lot about a few bands, but there's a niche of acts that everyone talks about seeing but they haven't seen them yet. If Jetty doesn't scream out "Tell All Your Friends About Us!" then I don't know who does. A unique brand of funk-soul that is bound to get you in the groove, Jetty was like musical therapy. You gotta love it when you hear songs like "Freefall", "Crawl", "Block Party" and "Go Getta Groove", Jetty had people wanting more after a rhythmic performance. Speaking of wanting more, you can satisfy your urge to see Jetty at Tommy Doyle's in Boston on September 24th. Go see them and I promise you'll fall in love with their sound.


Spine-tingling intensity and insane complexity, Pals finished off the night by obliterating everything in sight. Ultra-prog rock with hints of metal and even some mellow jazz tones, this trio is surely something else when it comes to creativity. I liked "Reach, "The Machine" and "Porthessor" a whole lot but It's a shame that Lewis Davis was the victim of technical difficulties on guitar during "Outland". Pals did put on a shreddtastic time to end the evening and I highly suggest getting their Reach EP on BandCamp. It's blisteringly good music that's unlike what you most hear out of New England these days.

I always love coming to Dusk. Stop by sometime or log on to and find out why.


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