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Horowitz: Trump Once Again Sends Wrong Message to American Muslim Community

Rob Horowitz

Breaking a nearly 20 year annual tradition, President Trump failed to host an iftar dinner, marking the end of Ramadan. While he did release a perfectly...

Let’s Pass the Workers’ Cooperative Law in RI: Guest MINDSETTER™ Stewart

RI State House

Summertime on Smith Hill is a drag for everyone involved and I wish our legislators a speedy recess. However, there is one key piece of...

Moore: Magaziner’s Back to Basics Strategy Paying Dividends

Seth Magaziner

Seth Magaziner's Pension Fund changes make sense, Russ Moore argues. 

Block Criticizes House GOP’s Budget Strategy — “Does Not Do this Effectively”

Ken Block, former GOP candidate for Governor

On Thursday night the State Budget passed the House overwhelmingly and along party lines 64 to 11.  By Friday morning, former GOP candidate for Governor Ken...

Sunday Political Brunch: A Political Potluck – June 25, 2017

Mark Curtis

A lot of disjointed and seemingly unrelated things happened in the world of politics this past week. It’s a hodgepodge I call &ldquo...

Donkey Brawl: Rhode Island Democrats Fire Charges and Counter Charges at Each Other

Dem v. Dem: RI Progressive Dems blasted the budget. Bill Lynch blasted the Progressives. And the Progressives fired back.

The schism between the Progressives in the Rhode Island Democratic Party and the more traditional old-school war horses spilled into a brutal public back and...

Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot & Who’s Not? - June 23, 2017

Russ Moore

Every Friday, GoLocalProv's Russ Moore breaks down who is rising and who is falling in RI politics, business, and sports. Moore has worked on...

Newport’s Florez Taps Controversial Prov Politico to Run His Campaign for Senate

Councilman John Florez

State Senate candidate John Florez has paid more than $4,200 in consulting fees to Luis Estadra for campaign work in his effort to replace Teresa Paiva...

Finneran: She Once Was Mine

She once was mine. She was the center of my universe. And what a happy universe it was.

Cicilline Blasts Senate Republican Healthcare Bill in Statement

David Cicilline

United States Congressman David Cicilline is blasting the Senate Republican Healthcare Bill, saying it will impose “a painful, unnecessary age tax on older Americans....

Fecteau: Democrats Lose Again

Jon Ossoff

This was supposed to be a huge Democratic victory, a vindication of past disappointing defeats; Democrats had to win this race, but fell short again....

Bishop: Discourse on Discourse – Separating Word & Actions

People believe things. It is not any mystery that they tend to believe things that reinforce the way they see the world. Following my embrace...

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Calls FY18 Budget “Deceptive & Destructive” to RI

Mike Stenhouse

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity is calling the 2018 budget deceptive and “more destructive for the people of Rhode Island...

Fecteau: An Embargo Against North Korea

Otto Warmbier

The United States should impose an embargo against North Korea similar to the one against Cuba. While I oppose the embargo against Cuba, an embargo...

Riley: Time to Worry About Stocks

Stock junkies like me are always on the lookout for bubbles or any sign of over-speculation. In college I studied the Crash of 1929 and the...

Horowitz: Trump Takes Us Backward on Cuba

Rob Horowitz

President Trump’s decision, to put back in place some of the commercial and travel restrictions that were done away with by President Obama...

Where is Regunberg on RI Progressive Democrats’ Opposition to Budget? UPDATED

Rep. Aaron Regunberg

Despite emails, texts, messages, and phone calls to State Representative Aaron Regunberg by GoLocalProv to find out the East Side Representative's view on the...

Moore: Rhode Island’s Budget is Bloated

Nicholas Mattiello

Rhode Island caters to too many special interests, and that bloats its budget, Russ Moore argues. 

video: ABC6’s “In The Arena” Features RI Senate President Dominick Ruggerio

This week on ABC6's "In the Arena" host Joe Paolino goes one-on-one with the new Rhode Island Senate President Dominick Ruggerio.

Sunday Political Brunch: Is the Press Too Depressing?—June 18, 2017

There was another flurry of news coverage this week over the Russian-U.S. election connection (Hey! That’s not a bad turn of phrase!)...

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