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#39 to #1: Rhode Island’s Best Communities 2014—GoLocal News Team and Abe Dube and Jack…

Taveras Swings Back at Raimondo—Taveras Swings Back at Raimondo

Ric Santurri: Taveras’ Providence Problem—Ric Santurri: Taveras' Providence Problem

Dan Lawlor: Tell Jim: No Drone Dollars—Dan Lawlor: Tell Jim: No Drone Dollars

NEW: URI’s E.C. Matthews Selected to Elite Adidas Nations Global Camp—NEW: URI's E.C. Matthews Selected to Elite Adidas…

It’s All About Education: Can Recess Help Children Be More Successful?—It's All About Education: Can Recess Help Children…

LISTEN: Rhode Island’s Best Communities 2014—What is Rhode Island's best community?

Miss Rhode Island Teen Competes for Miss Teen USA—Gabriella Maggiacomo, recent winner of Miss Rhode Island…

Pats’ Camp: Underway with high expectations—Gronk cleared, training camp kicks off Thursday in…

NEW: Taveras Endorsed by Brotherhood of Police Officers, Government Employees—NEW: Taveras Endorsed by Brotherhood of Police Officers,…


Is “For Our Daughters” Boycott Against WPRO Fraying?

Is the For Our Daughters boycott of WPRO succeeding?  Sides are split.

Is the For Our Daughters movement to get WPRO talk show host John DePetro fired fraying? 


video: Taveras Swings Back at Raimondo

A new TV ad by Angel Taveras throws a counter punch at Democratic primary opponent Gina Raimondo for her ad criticizing his

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Dan Lawlor: Tell Jim: No Drone Dollars

Representative Jim Langevin's job on the U.S. Permanent House Intelligence Committee includes oversight of U.S. drone

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NEW: Taveras Endorsed by Brotherhood of Police Officers, Government Employees

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras picked up an endorsement from an organization representing approximately

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NEW: Fung Questions Block on Campaign Finance Reporting

Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung and his campaign manager are once again demanding answers from Ken Block about

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NEW: Block Calls Reducing RI DMV Wait Times Top Priority

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block pledged to cut wait times and eliminate wasteful spending at the Rhode Island

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Riley: Caprio Track Record Good, Seth Magaziner Claims Questioned

The 2014 Rhode Island Treasurer race analysis continues with this edition, which is devoted to each of the three candidates

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Guest MINDSETTER™ David Segal - Who Really Destroyed Rhode Island’s Economy?

David Segal

Angel’s not a bad guy.  He’s not exactly an angel, either.   (I’m not actively supporting him or any other candidate in the

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Horowitz: News Literacy: An Essential Skill in the Age of the Internet

In today’s bottom-up, democratic, Wild West of media, citizens must be their own discerners of fact. 


Fung Reports Strongest Quarter to Date Raising $136,000

The Fung for Governor Campaign has announced that Cranston Mayor Allan Fung - the endorsed Republican candidate for Governor

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slides: Could Taveras Have Improved Providence’s 9.5% Unemployment?  5 Ways He Could Have Grown Jobs

The Gina Raimondo attack ad on Angel Taveras blames him for Providence's high unemployment during his tenure. In response

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Guest MINDSETTER™: Erlin Rogel - Providence Needs More than Just A Buddy

I thought about naming this reflection “Battered City Syndrome” and decided against it. 

Though, psychological dependency

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NEW: Kennedy Donated to Pell, Raimondo, Not Taveras

Patrick Kennedy

Former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy has given campaign contributions to Rhode Island gubernatorial candidates General

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Russell Moore: Anybody But Cianci?

I noticed that faux mayoral candidate Lorne Adrain got some good press last week when he dropped out of the race for Mayor

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