MUSIC: Lonely Thursdays Get Lovely At The Parlour

Saturday, August 31, 2013


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Providence's own King Sickabilly anchored Thursday night's festivities at The Parlour with his unique brand of rockabilly.

If you're as observant of your surroundings as I am, then you can't help but notice these spectacular monthly events going on in Providence. One of those monthly events kicked off at The Parlour called Lonely Thursdays. Curated by Intrinsic Events' "Psycho" John Difruscio, this extravaganza gives a different take on your usual singer-songwriter showcase. All different types of styles sharing one stage, a nice departure of the genre conscious shows you're used to seeing. This time there was Cousin Tommy, Bill Keough, Vudu Sister's Keith McCurdy and local legend King Sickabilly—honest music from talented folk that was sure to make The Parlour the prime destination to be not as lonely as usual on a Thursday.

Cousin Tommy

Twangy and a tad reminiscent of Hank Williams, Cousin Tommy had a lot of heart and soul to start things off. A bunch of covers like Bob Dylan & The Band's "I Shall Be Released" and The Pogues' "Dirty Old Town" encompassed Tommy's performance, but I did like his Country spin on it. Let's hope Cousin Tommy writes some originals soon, because he sure has the talent to do so.

Bill Keough

With a ruby red electric guitar, Bill Keough brought a lot of energy and fury. Songs like "All Dried Up", "And Soon His World Will Explode", "She's Nice But She Wasn't Nice To Me" and "Audrey Meadows" reminded me lot of Guided By Voices' Robert Pollard from his driving riffs but with a big blues influence that set him apart. Billy's guitar was loud, and by loud I mean that you could feel the tables shake while he strummed song after song. I thought Bill's technique and songwriting skills were impeccable, I'm also a sucker for that old school alternative rock tone and he definitely brought it.

Vudu Sister's Keith McCurdy

I've seen Keith McCurdy from Vudu Sister so many times in a few different incarnations I probably can write a biography about at least 1/2 of his musical career. Keith never disappoints though, tonight he showed why consistently he's one of the best musicians in New England. I could write about the songs he played, but you probably know them all through my reviews in the past. He also pull off his own renditions of Nirvana's "Old Age", Neil Young's "Pardon My Heart" & "Pocahontas" and Alice In Chain's "Queen Of The Rodeo", which were pretty damn good as well.

Each one of Vudu Sister's originals Keith plays is a treasure and I'll give you an executive order to grab both of Vudu Sister's two albums, Bastard Children and Household Items. They're two of the best albums ever to come out of Providence, you better give them a listen or The Sister will find you.

King Sickabilly

Concluding this wonderful night of music was Providence's head honcho of rockabilly, psychobilly and all things insane in King Sickabilly. You probably know him from his legendary act Sasquatch & The Sickabillies and his other band King Sickabilly & His Full Moon Boys, but this time he brought his one man band to finish things off with authority. With a bellowing voice and blistering notes from his guitar, King Sickabilly lit the stage on fire with songs like "Holy Ghost Revival", "Foolish Foolish Fool", "Sing With The Dead" and versions of Johnny Cash's "I Was There When It Happened" and "Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins. Everyone loved it and it was a great way to end the debut night of Lonely Thursdays. I can't wait until the next one in September.

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