MUSIC: The Evens Get Up Close + Personal At AS220

Sunday, August 11, 2013


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Punk legend Ian Mackaye & Amy Farina got up close and personal with a packed house at AS220 when The Evens came to town.

Seeing a show at AS220 in Providence is always a wonderful experience, but seeing one of the best musical duos ever in Ian Mackaye & Amy Farina perform within inches of the audience just takes it to another level. This weekend, The Evens were part of one of the most anticipated shows of the year with no openers and no apologies, just them rocking the performance space into smithereens. AS220 always has a knack for bringing killer acts to the stage, but when The Evens came to town it was one of those nights you would never forget.

The Evens

With two lamps on each end of the stage to provide an intimate setting, Ian & Amy took the stage in front of a sold out crowd packed to the gills. You gotta love the unique energy & rhythms they exude, still keeping the punk aesthetic that made Ian famous while having a mellow spin on it. "All These Governors", "Wanted Criminals", "Cache Is Empty", "Shelter Two", "King Of Kings", "Cut From The Cloth", "All You Find You Keep", "This Other Thing", "Mt. Pleasant", "I Do Myself" and "Architects Sleep" had people singing along, Ian not being afraid to express his views on the politics of today and had me loving every minute of it.

The Evens have a few records out including their self-titled debut, Get Evens and their most recent one in The Odds and you really can't go wrong with either one, but you should also look into any piece of music from Mackaye's time with Minor Threat and Fugazi. You gotta love a kickass show at a place like AS220, there's seriously nothing that compares and you're bound to have a fun time. For more information on what's going on at Providence's haven for music, art & creative innovation, log on to and get involved.


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