MUSIC: Baroness Annihilates The Met

Thursday, August 15, 2013


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Baroness blew the roof off the Met Tuesday night with their headpounding metal sound.

There's nothing like blasting your eardrums with ridiculously good metal during the first half of the week, and that's what was exactly on tap at The Met in Pawtucket this past Tuesday. Savannah, GA sludge metalheads Baroness headlined a show with fellow Georgians Royal Thunder opening up the night where the volume was turned up to 11 and the walls shook with intense authority. Sheer loudness was abundant and your mind was going to be obliterated. When a metal show invades The Met, that just comes with the territory.

Royal Thunder

When I walked in and saw Royal Thunder on stage, what impressed me the most was the vocal range of the female singer and bassist. Booming and howling, she tore the house down with eerie lyrics that sounded like they were straight from the Devil's mouth. Sabbath-esque riffs resonated from the stage and it was purely epic, I loved every minute of Royal Thunder's opening set and they left me wanting more. I'm gonna go to Royal Thunder's BandCamp page and check out all the music they've got, you should do the same.


With the lights dimmed and a roaring applause from the crowd, Baroness took the stage and flat out went to war, destroying every chord and rhythm at their disposal. Lighting the stage on fire with "Take My Bones", Baroness had everyone captivated and as close to the stage as humanly possible. "March To The Sea" and "A Horse Called Golgotha" were a double whammy of fury that exuded sheer electricity. "Little Things" had a pretty cool intro from a keyboard before the riffs settled in, a nice departure from the original recording. "Board Up The House" had that shrieking note that made your whole body quiver followed up with "Sea Lungs" that tore the roof off the place. "Cocainium" started an insane mosh pit in the middle of the floor and "The Line Between" upped the ante even more. As you can tell, Baroness' initial performance on this night was simply amazing. They weren't done yet though, Baroness went back for an encore of "The Sweetest Curse", "Jake Leg" and "Isak" that reignited the mosh pit and finished off an hellacious night that was amplified up to infinity. You gotta get Baroness' double album Yellow & Green, it's one of the best metal albums to come out in the past few years and it'll melt your brain. And by melting your brain I mean that you're absolutely going to love it.

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