World Cup 2010: The Quarterfinals

Thursday, July 01, 2010


You might as well call it a wrap for this week. With the World Cup 2010 Quarterfinals getting underway and 4th of July Festivities starting up, who can think about work? So tell your boss that you’re going to visit your sick grandma tomorrow and wont be back until Tuesday. Following the World Cup is a full-time job anyways... right?


Netherlands vs. Brazil – July 2 @10AM (ET) on ESPN

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It looks like we get to see a final game early as Holland takes on Brazil. Someone has to get through Brazil. Is it going to be the Dutch? It’s not very clear; as the Netherlands haven’t shown that they can truly defend yet.

However, Brazil has continued to dazzle with both attacking and defending in this World Cup. They will definitely capitalize on the scoring opportunities that the Slovaks had in the last round against the Dutch.

Defensively, Brazil will be keeping an eye on Robben, make sure you do the same as you watch because it will get exciting.

What better do you have to do on a Friday morning than to watch this game? Nothing.


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Uruguay vs. Ghana – July 2 @2:30PM (ET) on ESPN

After beating our boys in the last round, we, in the United States, don't feel great about Ghana right now. Nonetheless Ghana is strong and hardworking, and their five-man midfield is nothing to play with.

They are still without one of their best, Michael Essien, but have gotten this far without him. This matchup looks pretty even despite Uruguay having their best World Cup for quite some time.

The only explanation I can give you for how Luis Suarez continues to be a scoring machine is… divine intervention.

While this match may not be the one everyone is waiting to watch, the evenness of both teams ensures an exciting game. We shall see if the last remaining home team, the Black Stars, can pull this one out.


Argentina vs. Germany – July 3 @10AM (ET) on ABC

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With the toughness of both teams, whomever ends up losing this game will still be able to hold their heads up high. These are just about the two best performing teams currently head to head.

After embarrassing England in the last round, Germany will look to keep rolling full steam ahead. The rising star Mesut Oezil has made quite a name for himself in this 2010 World Cup.

The big question for Argentina is, “Will Messi clean up his act and score in South Africa?” Not saying he hasn’t been productive but honestly we all expect at least one from him. Make sure you set your alarms for this one. This is one match I definitely wouldn’t want to sleep through.


Paraguay vs. Spain – July 2 @2:30PM (ET) on ABC

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It’s the big dog against the little dog, as the reigning champs take on the surprise of the tournament. Spain is the superior team in just about every category. The only issue with them could be their toughness. Sergio Ramos is the only guy who has much brute force.

Paraguay will try to sit back and contain David Villa at all costs. If Villa is let loose, this one has the chance to be a smorgasbord of goals for Spain. Paraguay has been hurting for goals as of late. They are indeed crafty, so we will see what they can pull out of their red sleeves.

You may be a little tempted to miss this one, but you definitely don't wanna be the only guy who didn't see Paraguay get the upset.


GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Stay Tuned for more coverage.



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