GOP’s Bell Refuses to Provide Info on Spicer Event, Questions Arise About Host and Funding

Saturday, July 01, 2017


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GOP Chair Brandon Bell

RI GOP Chair Brandon Bell, who often berates Democrats for lack of transparency, looks more and more to be taking pages out of the Trump White House game plan this week, refusing basic questions about about upcoming event featuring White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Bell has been withholding the location of the Rhode Island Republican Party fundraiser, who is the hosts -  and all of the basic details. Unlike most high level political events in Rhode Island with national speakers, Bell has blocked media access.

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"Lively Experiment"

During the taping of A Lively Experiment on Friday, Bell took criticism from all sides for his lack of openness.

* Communications consultant Dave Layman pressed Bell on who dictated that the event have an undisclosed location -- Sean Spicer's camp, or was it Bell's decision.  Bell did not give a definitive answer. 

* Kate Nagle, GoLocalProv’s News Editor, pressed Bell on why he didn't answer her email asking if press was allowed; Bell said he didn't see the email.  

* Nagle then asked if she paid the $250 could she then attend, Bell shot back she could "pay $5,000."  Bell then reiterated that it is a "private" event. 

* Nagle then said that wouldn't the location eventually be leaked when attendees were given the details, to which Bell acknowledged would likely be the case.

Latest Party Politics

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Bell and former Providence GOP Chair

Bell has had a tumultuous few months after the RI Republicans failed to make any gains against the Democrats in RI General Assembly races, as his "bet the ranch" effort to unseat Nick Mattiello from his House seat failed, and the GOP Chair in Providence was charged with a series of significant sexual molestation charges.

In March, GoLocal reported that Roy Bolden the Chair of the Providence GOP and closely tied to Rhode Island Republican leaders was arraigned by Providence Police on charges of first-degree and second-degree child molestation, and third-degree sexual assault. Bolden was ordered held without bail.

At a leading GOP event in 2013 — the inaugural meeting of the Roosevelt Society, Bolden weighed in on GOP and family values.


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