Governor Donald Carcieri’s 38 Studios Deposition and Exhibits

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Former Governor Donald Carcieri’s deposition over three days of questions raises significant questions about the former Governor’s honesty in disclosing the facts relating to the 38 Studios deal as well as concerns about the former top executive’s business judgement.

SLIDES:  See Part One of Carcieri's Deposition BELOW

Carcieri testimony and related documents show that Carcieri has repeatedly mislead the public about the deal and the timeline, but also shows that has administration’s review of the company was deeply flawed.

In the course of the deposition Carcieri is asked by Attorney Holt representing Wells Fargo, “38 Studios conservatively estimated gross revenues on the first phase of the game at approximately $450 million through 2015, [how] do you see that?” 

The depositions unveil real questions about the state's failure to analyze the 38 Studios' deal.  Carcieri a former top executive at Old Stone Bank and Cookson, served as the chair of the EDC board when they approved the $75 million funding package.

Carcieri's First Day Deposition - SEE SLIDESHOW BELOW

Carcieri's Second Day Deposition

Carcieri's Third Day Deposition

Carcieri Exhibit #801

Carcieri Exhibit #803

Carcieri Exhibit #805

Carcieri Exhibit #807

Carcieri Exhbit #809

Carcieri Exhibit #912

Carcieri Exhibit #914


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