Don Roach: If Progressives Win, We Lose

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Netroots Nation, a collection of progressive minds, held their annual convention in Providence this past week and it got me thinking – what is the end goal for Progressives? The next question that followed was – if Progressives achieve their goal is that better or worse for America? It should come as no surprise that I concluded that if Progressives win and get their way, we (Americans) lose and we lose big.

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What Progressives want

While it’s not a stated goal, Progressives ultimately seek to create a new God – the god of government. You read that correctly, progressives want government to become our new God. They want government to intrude and dictate every part of our lives. From school, to marriage, to healthcare, to taxes, government is the answer – the only answer – to resolve moral, political, economic, and racial problems.

What’s more, progressives aren’t tolerant of other religions. If you don’t agree with progressives you’re part of the problem and you need to be, for lack of a better word, eliminated. Think government should be small – looking at you libertarians, you need to recognize that government must protect all people, especially the poor, and make sure that the rich pay their fair share to their god. Think government should be spending more time looking at ways to take less money from people – you’re an inconsiderate human being unconcerned with your fellow man’s plight.

Progressive rhetoric shows true colors

Don’t believe me – listen to some of the rhetoric:

Progressivism needs progressive rhetoric to match policy if it wants to be around long enough to make a real impact. […]This is a two party country. You can say you aren't "ideological" and that you are a pragmatist, as Obama does, but polarity is the norm.

In other words, progressives believe in ‘us versus them’. Some of their rhetoric talks about ‘big tent’ but it’s only as big and wide as those that agree with them. Here’s a little more:

Health care in America is a failed product. The failure is not with our hospitals, universities, or health care professionals. The failure is in the way we pay for something we all need, by filtering all that cash through an insurance industry that takes a bigger cut than a loan shark.

So rather than filtering cash through the insurance industry, guess where the cash should be filtered? Obviously, we must filter cash through the god of government silly. And you may recall this when Arizona Rep. Giffords was shot:

We certainly agree that conservatives cannot be directly blamed for the horrendous acts that Jared Lee Loughner committed on Sunday. But there can be little reasonable dispute that creating an atmosphere of violent rhetoric aimed at one side of a political debate makes it far more likely that some unhinged individual is going to act on such rhetoric in ways that have horrible consequences.

Here the author seems to indirectly blame conservatives and the ‘violent rhetoric’. Again, us versus them and people who believe in the right to own a gun are enemies because a private citizen owning a gun undermines governmental authority. Undermining government authority is sacrilege to progressives.

Don’t let them win

Folks, we cannot allow progressives to win. If we do, we’ll live in a world where government tells us how to think, act, talk; we’ll be told what to do with all of our money not just a portion; we’ll have to pay for products and services for which we have no use or desire to support. Progressive couch their true cult of government behind terms such as ‘working families’, ‘fairness’, and ‘equality’. It’s a neat little trick, but it’s still a trick. Their true goal is to use government to enact their ideology of control. America was founded upon different principles and by people who believed very differently than our modern progressive friends. Let’s make sure to tell them and politicians who support their cause that we, the people, have no interest in trading in our private religion for a new not-so-shiny government god.

Don Roach is a member of the Rhode Island Republicans. Don can be reached at [email protected]


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