Top Woman Minority Business Leader Criticizes Providence Council President Salvatore

Monday, October 08, 2018


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Council President Salvatore

Providence City Council President David Salvatore has drawn the criticism of one of the top business leaders in Rhode Island.

Lisa Ranglin, President of the Rhode Island Black Business Association, strongly admonished Salvatore in a social media post of Facebook on Sunday.

“Council President, David Salvatore, I want to bring to your attention a pattern that I have noticed, I don't know if you have noticed and that is why I am bringing it to your attention publicly. However, under your leadership the, the RI Black Business Association (RIBBA) has received little most cases no financial support for its programs and services,” wrote Ranglin.

“This lack of support was not evident with the last council presidents [Sabina Matos and Luis Aponte] who valued and supported RIBBA's work. We need leaders who intentional and fair-minded in closing the gaps in particular in our underserved communities. #NewLeadership,” added Ranglin.

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RI Black Business Association's Ranglin

Another Setback

This is just the latest for Salvatore. Last week, it emerged that former Councilwoman Matos has apparently put together a majority of votes to displace Salvatore.

Former Providence City Council President Aponte said Thursday that  Matos has enough votes to regain the council's top spot following November. Matos had previously served as interim Council President.

Matos, who is running unopposed in Ward 15 in the general election, confirmed that she is working on returning to the Presidency, after current Council President David Salvatore made the power play to take the spot less than a year ago last fall.

"It's too early to say that I have the votes -- but I'm definitely running for the presidency," said Matos, "I've been lobbying my colleagues."

Aponte, however, was more bullish on the prospect. 

"She will be a fantastic city council president," said Aponte, who said she "has the votes."

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Councilwoman looking to replace Salvatore

Female Council Majority Expected

Following September's primary, it is likely that the Providence City Council will have a female majority -- 8 of 15 -- in January.

The majority would include incumbent councilors Matos, Jo-Ann Ryan, Carmen Castillo, Mary Kay Harris, and Nirva LaFortune, and newcomers Kat Kerwin, Helen Anthony, and Rachel Miller.

"We want a City Council that functions, that's a strong body that has the respect as a branch of government," said Matos. "I'd like to see leadership that is balanced and represents the different voices and neighborhoods of the city."


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