Matos Alleges Providence Council Opponent Live Outside of Ward, Files Board of Canvassers Complaint

Tuesday, July 03, 2018


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Sabina Matos

Providence Councilwoman Sabina Matos is alleging her Democratic opponent does not live in Ward 15 — but lives in Warwick.

Matos filed the official complaint with the Providence Board of Canvassers, accusing her opponent Oscar Vargas, along with his wife, of living at a residence in Warwick. 

Complaint Filed

Matos submitted the following claims to the Board of Elections, asking for both Vargas — and his wife — be removed from the Providence voter rolls. 

“I do not believe Mr. Oscar O. Vargas….lives in the City of Providence, rather, he lives in the city of Warwick with his wife and children,” wrote Matos. 

Matos goes on to state that Vargas, along with this wife, own a home located at 63 Irving Road in Warwick, and that Vargas’ son is a student a Warwick Veterans Junior High, and that Vargas’ wife has registered her vehicles in Warwick for the past ten years.  

In her letter, Matos requests that Vargas be removed from the Providence voter list. 

WPRI12 was first to report the story on Monday. 

Matos on Record

“I have known of Oscar for years as the owner of a business in Ward 15, but he is a Warwick resident, so I was not expecting him to run for Providence City Council. I thought maybe he had moved in recently, but on his declaration paperwork he claims to have lived here for 29 years. That is simply inaccurate," said Matos.

"After he announced he was running, a friend of mine from Warwick told me his son attended a Warwick public school this year. He has also listed his Warwick address as his home address on his business paperwork for ten years with the Secretary of State. It just doesn’t add up. I encourage people to get involved in the democratic process, and I welcome the challenge, but voters should never be intentionally deceived," added Matos.

Vargas did not respond to request for comment. 


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