NEW: Hotel Robbery and Assault Sparks Federal Hill Emergency Meeting

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


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Hotel Dolce Vita

A recent assault and robbery at Hotel Dolce Vita on Federal Hill has prompted an emergency meeting among local business owners Tuesday afternoon in Providence. 

The incident, which occurred early Monday morning, saw two men rob a hotel employee at knife point, taking cash in envelopes between $500 and $1000 at the front desk. 

The Federal Hill Commerce Association announced the meeting with a notice to members:

Emergency Meeting has been called for Tuesday January 10 a 2 PM at ROMA downstairs. Please try to attend it is important that we address the recent robbery with a knife at the reception desk at the Dolce Vita Hotel. A representative from the Police Department and the Mayor’s office have been invited to attend

Latest Action by Business

Recent episodes of violence on the Hill have prompted the FHCA to issue calls to action.

As GoLocal reported in July:

The Federal Hill Commerce Association has called for The Vault to be closed, following the recent shooting outside the nightclub - and before the case is set to be reopened at the Board of Licenses on Wednesday, July 6.

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"While we encourage the growth of businesses throughout Federal Hill, it is challenging to accept ones that create an environment that deter locals and tourists from visiting the Hill," said Rick Simone with the Federal Hill Commerce Association. "We ask that the same set of rules be applied across the board in instances of disruptive and unsafe conditions." 

"Federal Hill as a whole is welcoming, enjoyable destination and we encourage the growth of new businesses that wish to be a part of the positive vibrancy of the hill," said Simone.

For Federal Hill, businesses have been working to rebuild the neighborhood's brand as a preeminent place to dine and shop. For many business owners, The Vault Lounge and the shooting this year and double stabbing last year are the final straws. 

The Providence Board of Licenses voted on Monday June 28 to reopen The Vault, a week after a shooting outside the Federal Hill club -- which is located in a building that until recently was owned by Congressman David Cicilline, and is currently owned by his brother, convicted felon John Cicilline.  

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August 20

Van Gogh Nightclub

The Providence Board of Licenses voted on Saturday at an emergency hearing to shutter the Harris Avenue establishment for 72 hours, after a man was taken to the hospital with stab wounds following a fight in the vicinity of the club in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

"When folks started calling me, I thought they were reaching out about Tel Aviv -- I had no idea yet another incident had occurred," said Providence Board of Licenses member Johanna Harris, of hearing from people on what she thought was the separate incident that occurred at another Providence club just the night before (see next slide).

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August 19


The South Water Street establishment was raided by Providence Police on Friday night, following a weeks-long narcotics investigation. reported that two men were arrested - Theo Spyridis, 39, the bar’s manager, and Antonio Reverdes, 47, a customer -- and according to police, with a "good amount of cocaine and significant amount of cash."

Tel Aviv will now go before the city’s Board of Licenses at an upcoming meeting.

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August 15


Providence’s Board of Licenses ordered Aqua Hookah Lounge to temporarily close following a violent incident earlier in August - marking the second instance of an issue violence at the establishment. 

Providence police told a passing officer heard a gunshot and saw people running from the establishment on Broad Street.

Police said a bullet grazed a man in his arm, but the wound was not serious. The Board decided to close the club for 72 hours -- and revisit the issue. 

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August 8


The police report for the August 8 incident at FLOW nightclub at Cranston Street and Potters Avenue --  that included four stabbing victims -- described victims as saying they were leaving the club at the time the altercation took place.

The club was closed for three days, and at the August 16 Board of Licenses' continuation of the show-cause hearing, the club entered into a deal with the City that would include police detail during a 45 day review period -- but that the stabbings would not go on Flow's record. 

"The biggest travesty is they took a witness who'd been subpoenaed  -- and appeared -- and they released him," said Jewelry District Association President Sharon Steele, who attends nearly all Board of License hearings. "Then the city and the club came together on a "recommendation" out in the hall. No witness, no detective testimony, and [the city] allowed them to say it was purely a disturbance of the public but it wasn't a stabbing at the club." 

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June 21

Vault Nightclub

The Providence Board of Licenses voted on July 21 to close The Vault nightclub on Federal Hill for an additional five days following a shooting outside the club -  after a bouncer admitted to lying to police about the shooter having been inside, saying he was told by club management to lie. 

The embroiled Providence hotspot, which is in a building formerly co-owned by Congressman David Cicilline and now solely owned by his brother John, was slated to have a ruling made ten days following a July 15 meeting, but the city unexpectedly moved it up earlier. 

On Thursday, the Board of Licenses voted to shut Vault for five days, from July 27 to 31, reduce the weekend closing time from 2 a.m. to 1 a.m. for 60 days -- and required the club to increase security, and pay up $2000 fine.  


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