Block Poll Shows 9 Point Lead Over Fung in RI GOP Primary

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


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GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Block.

A poll commissioned by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Block has Block up 9 points over opponent Cranston Mayor Allan Fung in a recent poll of likely Republican and Independent voters in the state -- a net change of 37 points from when Block trailed Fung by 28 points in October.

See Block April 2014 Survey Findings BELOW

"The single most important thing is that Ken's message has been received loud and clear," said Block spokesperson Jeff Britt. "It's time for real change. We're going to take the data we have here and move on to to the general election. If Fung wants to be negative that's up to him."

The poll conducted by Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates on April 22 and 23 had a sample size of 300 likely GOP primary voters. A previous survey was conducted in October 2012.

Parsing the Poll

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How will Block survey results play out at the polls? RI will find out come September.

"Tony Fabrizio, and Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates did polling for Governor Carcieri, so they've been in RI before. They're the pollster for Rick Scott in Florida, and a number of other major heavyweights, including Rick Perry when he ran for President," said Britt.

"People misunderstand polls -- it's not about how you're doing. We're talking about very specific problems with specific solutions. What we've learned is that people want real solutions, not soundbites."

Britt noted that Block went from only 27% of potential voters seeing him as a conservative in October to 40% seeing him that way now.

"We've polled Ken's messaging, and people understand what he's saying," said Britt. "The negative attacks on Ken have had largely no effect. We're happy and excited where we are."

Britt noted the increase in favorables for Block, as compared to Fung.  "Ken's total favorables jumped, as well as the "very favorable" category, from October to April.  Allan's "very favorable" number dropped in that time.  Ken's base has gotten stronger, while Allan's has gotten smaller."

Fung Responds

"Our internal polling shows a different race and the truth is that Mayor Fung will be the Republican nominee. Rhode Island Republicans are enthusiastically supporting Mayor Fung with their wallets and their endorsements. Once Republican primary voters learn Ken Block voted for President Obama twice and supported Obamacare, they overwhelmingly reject his candidacy. We are completely confident that these poll numbers are as unreliable as his credentials to run as a Republican," said Patrick Sweeney, spokesperson for the Fung for Governor campaign. 

Sweenedy added, "We are up to 23 Chairmen and Chairwomen endorsements, 9 city and town endorsements, the Young Republicans, and both national committee persons."

On Monday, Fung announced the endorsements of RI GOP national committee chairpersons Carol Mumford and Steve Frias.

Looking Ahead

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Who will ultimately be the opponent for the winner for the GOP primary?

Currently, Block leads Fung in cash on hand, with Block reporting $653,119 in the first quarter of 2014 to Fung's $445,514.

"What our polling data shows is what people knew about Ken in October, the more they get to know him, they know him in positive ways," said Britt, of Block's favorability.

Stlll, Britt said the campaign was now focusing on the general election. "If there are contrasts to be drawn with [Fung], we will. We won't pay too much attention to Allan at this point. We're focused on the [Democrats]. Ken's made his case with the Republicans."


Related Slideshow: Block April 2014 GOP Primary Voter Survey

On April 22 and 23, Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates conducted a survey of likely GOP primary voters statewide in Rhode Island, with a sample size of 300, for gubernatorial candidate Ken Block. 

Below are key findings from that survey. 

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Direction of State

Question: Generally speaking, would you say that things in State of Rhode Island are headed in the right direction or would you say things are seriously heading off on the wrong track?

                         October 2013    April 2014

Right                       7                    7

Wrong                   87                  90

Undecided              6                   3

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Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of each person?         

             Total Favorables   Unfav.


Oct 2013           45           9                                

April 2014          63          10                              


Oct 2013           69           5

April 2014          68         15

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Conservative vs. Liberal

Please tell me whether you think each one of the following people is a Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative in their political beliefs?                 

                 Total Cons    Total Mod    Total Lib


Oct. 2013         27             29               7

April 2014        40             29                7


Oct 2013          36            34               10

April 2014         34           39                14

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Most Important Issues

Which of the following issues are most important in deciding your vote for Governor?

                                           Oct. 13       April 14

Creating jobs                         44                41               

Eliminating Corruption           9                  17

Lowering Taxes                     9                   11

Balancing Budget                  9                  10

Eliminating Waste                  9                   6

Illegal Immigration                 6                   4

Family Values                        4                   3

Improving Education             2                   2

Reforming Welfare                2                   1

Improving Healthcare           1                    *

Fighting crime                       1                   *

Protecting Environment        -                   *

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General Assembly Approval

Generally speaking, do you approve or disapprove of the job the State Legislature is doing?

Total approve                10

Total disapprove            84

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Candidate Choice

If the primary election were held today, who would you vote for?




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