Beacon Charter HS & Founders Academy Name New Principles

Thursday, July 20, 2017


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Beacon Charter High School for the Arts and the Founders Academy has named new principals for the 2017 school year.

Amanda Turcotte, former Academic Dean at Beacon, has been named Principal of Founders Academy and Robin Murphy, former Dean of Students at Beacon, will stay at Beacon, but will now take on the role of Principal.

Murphy and Turcotte have already begun working in their new roles as principals on July 10. 

Dr. Michael Skeldon, formerly principal at Beacon and Founders, will serve as Superintendent of both schools. 

Amanda Turcotte

Turcotte joined the Beacon and Founders team in July 2015. In her  time working with the schools, she has made an impact by challenging students to take risks, complete work they can be proud of, and achieve academic success.

Turcotte’s mark was left most clearly on the blossoming Founders Academy, where she spent the majority of her time during the 2016 school year.

“Most people think I'm crazy when I tell them that I love working with middle-schoolers, but having worked with students from grades K-12, I find this age to be so uniquely special. Adolescence is one of the most challenging, exciting, and developmentally critical times in a  person's life; it's a privilege to be part of shaping that experience for kids,” said Turcotte.

Robin Murphy

Murphy has been with Beacon since the school opened its doors in 2003.

In her new role as Principal, Murphy will continue modelling and cultivating these ideals throughout the school, but she also hopes to push Beacon students outside of their comfort zones.

“We have always had a tremendous culture of acceptance for students and families and I look to strengthen that even more in the coming years. Most of all I want our students to know they are in an environment that will challenge their thinking, while building character and supporting their failures, without failure you can not have success,” said Murphy.


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Honorable Mention

Blackstone Academy Charter 


Graduation Rate: 83%

College Readiness: N/A

AP Tested: N/A

AP Passed: N/A

Mathematics Proficiency:  12%

English Proficiency: 38%

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Honorable Mention

Beacon Charter High School 


Graduation Rate: 91%

College Readiness: N/A

AP Tested: N/A

AP Passed: N/A

Mathematics Proficiency:  21%

English Proficiency: 49%

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Westerly High School 


Graduation Rate: 95%

College Readiness: 23.8

AP Tested: 31%

AP Passed: 70%

Mathematics Proficiency:  10%

English Proficiency: 38%

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Middletown High School 


Graduation Rate: 85%

College Readiness: 28.3

AP Tested: 40%

AP Passed: 62%

Mathematics Proficiency: 18%

English Proficiency: 54%

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East Greenwich High School

East Greenwich 

Graduation Rate: 95%

College Readiness: 38.8

AP Tested: 42%

AP Passed: 89%

Mathematics Proficiency: 59%

English Proficiency: 66%

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Times2 Academy


Graduation Rate: 86%

College Readiness: 40.2

AP Tested: 52%

AP Passed: 71%

Mathematics Proficiency: 8%

English Proficiency: 48%

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Narragansett High School 


Graduation Rate: 93%

College Readiness: 45.2

AP Tested: 55%

AP Passed: 77%

Mathematics Proficiency: 29%

English Proficiency: 43%

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Portsmouth High School 


Graduation Rate: 97%

College Readiness: 53.2 

AP Tested: 60%

AP Passed: 85%

Mathematics Proficiency: 33%

English Proficiency: 55%

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Barrington High School 


Graduation Rate: 96%

College Readiness: 59.4 %

AP Tested: 64%

AP Passed: 91%

Mathematics Proficiency: 46%

English Proficiency: 77%

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Classical High School 


Graduation Rate: 97% 

College Readiness: 61.9 

AP Tested: 87% 

AP Passed: 62%

Mathematics Proficiency: 55%

English Proficiency: 88%


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