Newport Manners & Etiquette: Saying NO, Vaping Etiquette & Terrible Teens

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


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The dos and don'ts of Vaping Etiquette, seven great ways to say NO, the terrible Teens, and whether to trust an untrustworthy Neighbor were all questions to Didi Lorillard at NewportManners this week.

Seven great tips for gracefully saying NO 

Q. I very much want to be a good citizen, good friend and help people out, but there are times when I want to say NO, but end up resenting having said YES. 

My friend asked me to spend a day helping her pack and move. Recently separated, she is moving into a smaller place. She assumes that because I work from home I can take off for a day and work for her for free. I told her I would think about it and get back with my answer.

It may not sound like a huge commitment, but it means that I would have the back-aching chore of taking out two car seats (then fastening them back in again the next morning) and laying the seats flat in my SUV for her stuff that I'm packing. Also, I would have to pay a sitter to pick up my kids from school, walk them home, and stay with them for an undetermined period of time until I get home! Please let me know what I should do as soon as possible.  Name withheld

A.  When a person hesitates with hems and haws, catch that as a NO. Here's hoping your friend got the hint when you put her off by stalling your answer. Stalling means MAYBE. MAYBE usually means NO. Phone her to say, "That day doesn't work for me."

Saying NO:  

  • Don't make detailed excuses.
  • Don't lie, you could get caught.
  • Don't feel guilty about saying NO.
  • Don't give mixed messages such as, "I should be working, but I want to be helpful."


When one NO is not enough, repeat the same answer: "That day doesn't work for me."


If she changes the day, be truthful, "I can't take a day off from my work." 

Support in a different way:

  • Give her a firm NO answer within a day.
  • Be honest, say you have to work and suggest someone else who might be able to help her move. Look for 'Guy with Big Truck' ads in your local paper and give her the phone number. 
  • If she says she can't afford to pay for help, offer to give her the cost of having you hire a sitter to mind your kids -- if you had said YES.                

Stick to your own priorities. When saying NO, say it fast, be brief when explaining why you're saying NO, and offer support in a different way.


Understanding your terrible thirteen-year-old

Q. Every once in awhile my daughter and her husband find that they both have business trips out of the country during the same period of time and ask me to drive to Cambridge to stay with their three children for a week or so. 

When they were younger is was a pleasure to have a grandchild bring me a book and say, "Read to me, Nana." Now the eldest is in college, the middle child is in boarding school, and I am alone with the arrogant youngest, who resents having me there and seems depressed. She is surly, rude, and uses unbelievably foul language.

I've mentioned her bizarre behavior to my daughter, who laughs it off, saying, "That's the way 13-year-olds behave." I find that hard to believe.  Nana, Springfield, MA


A. As you no doubt remember, most 13-year-old girls have reached the end of puberty. Hormones have changed your granddaughter's brain during the last two years. Her body is more mature than her brain and she's trying to figure out how to be a teen. 

  • According to many studies, girl teens express depression more openly and more easily than boy teens, so her rude behavior, as deplorable as it may be, is understandable. She acts out with you.


Children nowadays experience a more prolonged adolescence. What used to be a two-to-four year period biologically is now a 15-year period culturally. Puberty starts before the teen years, but the social skills and cultural aspects of adolescence don't triumph until much later. Girls have a longer period of time to figure out who they are, what skills to develop, and they have to be in school longer to reach their objective.

  • Your 13-year-old granddaughter is struggling to become a teenager.
  • Kids don't necessarily want to feel happy. Feeling sad helps them develop intense feelings - extremes of happiness and sadness.
  • Puberty makes many kids seek conflict and behavioralists believe that this kind of experimentation can be a good thing when it isn't violent or self-destructive.


Most pubescent kids like feeling the intensity of their own feelings. Intense sadness can be novel and exciting for a thirteen-year-old. Studies show that eventually most of us prefer being happy and having positive emotions than to being negative and feeling sadness. We don't all want to be happy all of the time. 

Perhaps your granddaughter feels close enough to you to know that she can express her deepest emotions around you. Over the years, you have made it safe for your granddaughter to express her emotions. Don't take her rudeness personally.


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Top 10 etiquette tips for romancing vaping with courtesy

Q. What exactly are the etiquette rules for vaping? When and where is it acceptable to vape? My boyfriend, a former Marlboro man, seems to think he can vape anywhere. As a non-vapor myself, this has become a source of discontent and argument.  Madelyn, Cleveland, Ohio


A.  You're not alone. According to a recent survey of e-cigarette users (paid for by Vype e-cigarettes in the UK), 57% of their users are as confused as you are about vaping etiquette. Eighty percent surveyed said that they tried to be courteous when around non-vapors, and actually agreed that at least a third of fellow users were inconsiderate of those around them while vaping.

As vaping becomes more mainstream, the smog may be lifting on the rules for vaping. Even though there is no official etiquette for vaping, that doesn't mean that vaping is globally acceptable. It is not.

The hard and fast don'ts of where and when to vape:

  • Never ever in bed.
  • Nor in a ticket line.
  • Not during a job interview.
  • Not in the presence of children.
  • Always honor 'no smoking' signs in restaurants and public transportation.
  • The worst never, is never in an elevator, car or other confined space.
  • Don't when you see a no smoking sign such as those outside a hospital, theatre, shopping mall, airport terminal or office building.


It goes without saying that he wouldn't vape in someone else's home without consent. Or at a party -- unless the host was vaping.

As far as smoking in your home, do what other couples do when one on them smokes a cigar or pipe, have a designated time or place when and where he can smoke. Perhaps, after he's helped you with the dinner dishes, but only when he's opened the window. But certainly, not while you're both cooking.

Vaping is a courtesy on both sides

  • As your boyfriend is a former tobacco smoker, cut him a bit of slack. It's a social minefield, and you both have my sympathy. 
  • If you want to work it out, you will. After all, in romance, vaping is a matter of consideration on both sides. 
  • We all have our bad habits. You either put up with his habit or move on.


Acceptable Dos:

  • Always ask first. Most public spaces make their policy known.
  • That said, do find out about a hotel's policy before booking, because you can be fined if the smell of smoke is detected in your room -- no matter how sweet it is.
  • Do consider that if your boyfriend is an ex-tobacco smoker, vaping has far less toxicity. 



To trust or not to trust an untrustworthy neighbor

Q. A neighbor wants us all to donate money to fund a 'green project' on our street. He says it will cost $10,000 to dig up the old cement sidewalk, plant the greenery, and replace the sidewalk. It seems like a lot of money, but it will create a long evergreen hedge to block an unseemly asphalt parking lot enclosed by a wire fence. He made no mention of upkeep in terms of trimming and pruning this hedge of vines - nicknamed by botanists as the wintertime creeper - to keep them tidy and healthy. When asked. he said he would pay for the yearly maintenance.

Our problem is this: twice in the past this neighbor volunteered to do something nice for the neighborhood and then reneged. Neither time were neighbors asked to donate money. Both times we waited patiently for him to make good, but with no results.  Name and location withheld


A. Your worry should be less about whether or not the leader of the 'green project' will follow up with his promise, than whether your neighborhood really needs this particular 'green project.'

Didi Lorillard researches manners and etiquette at NewportManners for her forthcoming book.


Related Slideshow: 25 Things You Must do This Fall in New England - 2017

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Pumpkin Picking at Jaswell's Farm

Smithfield, RI

The fall season is all about pumpkins. Pumpkin beer, pumpkin pie and most of all pumpkin picking.

Pumpkin picking is a timeless event for families, especially those with young kids who will love to just run around and grab whichever pumpkin looks good to them.

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Walk/Jog/Hike Through the Bird Sanctuary

Worcester, MA 

There are some great walking and hiking paths behind the Audubon Society on Massasoit Road in Worcester to visit this fall.

Want to be at peace and escape the city without really leaving the city? Take a brisk walk through the Bird Sanctuary. If you don't feel better by the time you leave there...then turn around and go back in.

The bird sanctuary is located on 414 Massasoit Road in Worcester

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Attend the Vermont International Film Festival 

Burlington, Vermont

The 2017 Vermont International Film Festival takes place from October 20 to October 29. 

The festival will feature more than 70 films from all over the world as well as panels and discussions. 

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Fall Exhibits at the Boston Children's Museum 

Boston, MA 

The Boston Children's Museum has two special exhibits to celebrate the fall season. 

The first is a dinosaur exhibit titled "Explor-a-saurus," and there is also a "Bubbles" exhibit and a "construction zone."

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a daily basis. 

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Leaf Peeping in The Berkshires

Berkshires, MA

Arguably the coolest thing about the fall season is the changing of the leaves. You will want to go up to the Berkshires and stroll through a park or just down a street and take note of all the colors, it's a must do fall activity.

How many colors can you see?

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Attend the Freeport Fall Festival 

Freeport, Maine

The festival will feature more than 130 artists showing off their work ranging from photography oil, watercolor, mixed media and much more.

The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Newport Vineyards

Newport, RI 

Hello grape season! 

It may be getting colder, but for wine lovers, this is the best time of year because it's grape season.

There are many great Vineyards around New England but Newport Vineyards is among the best. 

Enjoy the wine.

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Coppal House Farm

Lee, NH

Not one, not two, but three corn mazes all in one spot. 

The famous triple maze at Coppal House Farm in New Hampshire is fun for all ages!

Be sure to check out the brand new Racoon corn maze as well.

Built in the mid-1700s, Coppal Farm has horse-drawn carriage rides, pumpkin picking, and tons of other activities on its 78-acre farm.

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Drink a Glass or Two or Three of Apple Cider

Across New England

Nothing says fall like drinking nice warm glass of apple cider, or maybe multiple warm glasses of apple cider.

Head over to your local market and buy some, or maybe you know how to make your own or have your own recipe. Either way, drinking apple cider is something to look forward too.

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Last Golf Rounds of the Year at Harbor Lights 

Warwick, RI 

While it may not be summer anymore and you may need an extra shirt or light jacket, there is still time to get some end of season swings in at your local golf course.

The fall season presents some of the best golfing weather that we have all year in New England.

Hit them straight.

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Take a Trip up Mount Mansfield 

Stowe, Vermont

Visit Vermont and take a gondola up Mount Mansfield. Once you get to the top, look back at the spectacular view. There are not to many views like it. 

For travelers, be sure to bring a jacket.

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Coastal Wine Trail 

Across Southern New England

The Coastal Wine Trail is a nonprofit group of 14 wineries that are spread throughout Southeastern New England. 

Vineyards on the trail include Preston Ridge Vineyard in Preston Connecticut, Travessia Winery in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery in Westport, Massachusetts and Coastal Vineyards in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. 

The heart of the trail is less than three hours from New York City and 90 minutes from Bosto

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Visit the Factory of Terror  

Worcester, MA

Check out five attractions at the super spooky Factory of Terror! Clown College, Zella's Hideaway, Zombie Alley, 3D Nightmare and the 13th Haunt all in one place.

This indoor haunted house offers a frightening and spooky experience with realistic, detailed rooms featuring cutting edge special effects and horror creatures at every turn!

Enter at your own risk!

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Last Chance for Al Fresco Dining at Boat House Restaurant 

Tiverton, RI

The views of Mount Hope Bay are unparalleled. Enjoy some wine with a snack or three while watching the sunset. The chef is known for a well-balanced menu of seasonal treats that uses locally sourced seafood in creative ways.

Celebrate the fall season and eat outdoors one last time. 

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Drink a Fall Beer Before They Go Away 

Across New England

The fall selection of beers is unmatched. 

Whether it's Octoberfest from Sam Adams or a pumpkin pie beer from Newport Storm, it's time to get out to your local bar or store and pick up some of the great fall beers on tap or in stock.

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Learning at Plimoth Plantation

Plymouth, MA

The fall season is Plimoth Plantation's busiest time of year and it is a great time to bring the family.

Visit the Wampanoag Homesite, the 17th-Century English Village, Nye Barn, Craft Center, Plimoth Bread Company, Mayflower II, and the Plimoth Grist Mill!

A great way to learn and have fun at the same time.

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Visit the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Providence, RI 

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular is a one of a kind fall event taking place at Roger Williams Park Zoo and runs from October 5 - November 5, 2016 and tickets are only sold online.

This annual event, created by artists and craftsmen of Passion for Pumpkins, and features 5,000 illuminated jack-o-lanterns, with over 125 of them artistically carved and displayed in scenes to play out the annual theme.

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Last Chance for Outdoor Dining at Caffe Expresso Trattoria 

Worcester, MA

Caffe Espresso Trattoria has been open for more than 20 years as a family owned and operated restaurant. Trattoria offfers authentic Italian home cooking.

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International Oktoberfest at Bold Point Park 

East Providence, RI 

International Oktoberfest will take place over Columbus Day weekend at Bold Point Park. 

The festival will include seasonal beer, German cuisine, and live music. 

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Ride or Run the East Bay Bike Path 

Barrington, RI 

Put on a comfy sweater and take a fall run or bike ride down this 14.5 mile long path that stretches from India Point Park in Providence to Independence Park in Bristol.

The path connects many towns while providing waterside views nearly the entire way.

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Attend King Richard's Faire 

Carver, Massachusetts

Dive into history at King Richard's Faire, New England's oldest and largest Renaissance Festival and most beloved annual fall event. Dress up, play games and learn alot at a faire that is a great fall event for the entire family.

The faire ends on October 22. 

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Take a Fall Trip to Block Island

Block Island, RI

As the fall season rolls on, trips to Block Island are winding down.

But at the moment, there is still great weather ahead and great opportunities to get on the ferry and head over to Block Island for the day, or maybe even multiple days.

A fall trip to Block Island is something ou must do this fall.

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Westerly Fall Restaurant Week

Westerly, RI 

Restaurants will offer a three course price fixed meal at $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner. 

Participating restaurants include Venice Restaurant and Lounge, Pleasant View Inn, Amigos and more. 

Restaurant week runs from October 22 to october 29. 

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Book a Weekend Getaway to Twin Farms

Bernard, Vermont 

Take a break, getaway from the daily grind of life and go on a weekend getaway to Twin Farms in Vermont. 

While you are there, there are great opportunities for hiking, biking and just relaxing. 

You will not regret this trip. 

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Visit Connecticut's Glass House 

New Canaan, CT 

Construction began on the Glass House in 1949 by architect Philip Johnson and is now a National Trust Historic Site. 

The house is on 49 acres of land which holds 13 other structures and features a collection of 20th century painting and sculpture. 

The foliage surrounding the house makes the fall season a great time to go visit. 


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