Fit for Life: How You do Anything is How You do Everything

Saturday, August 04, 2018


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Summer football sessions have started, and I have a whole new group of kids that I need to whip into shape. I always start and finish each practice by taking a couple minutes to talk with the team. I discuss everything from eating properly to conducting themselves like professionals on and off the field. I tell them that a lot of the fundamentals and principals they are learning from being a football player, also applies to real life situations, and that football is very much like the game of life. I am trying to make them aware that regardless of what you are doing, you should approach every situation with the same mentality.

Some of the similarities between football and life are that you will always get out what you put in, and the harder you work, the better you will be. This holds true both on and off the field, because regardless of your situation, in order to succeed, you need to work hard. Put in a lackluster effort at work, and you won’t get promoted, or even worse, lose your job. If you drag your ass in practice, someone will kick it come game time. If you put little effort into studying, chances are your grades won’t be all that great.

I told them that how you do anything, is how you do everything. That means that if you dog it on the field, you’re going to be lazy in all areas of your life. If you do things halfway in the classroom, you will never develop great discipline to go further in life. If you are a slob at home, your desk is probably a mess at school, and your car probably is too. If you are not working hard on the field doing something you should love doing, how are you going to excel in the workforce. We develop habits and discipline at an early age, so I try to instill discipline in these players while they are still young.

Other lessons I try to shed a light on is that when you get knocked down, you better get up, and get up fast. The world has no tolerance or forgiveness, so when something takes you down, don’t sit there and dwell on the situation. We’re all going to take a hit or setback somewhere in life whether it’s a loss on the field or off. The best thing to do is take immediate action and don’t focus on the problem but figure out a solution.

When something isn’t working you adjust. This is the same during a game and during everyday life. If you are trying to accomplish a certain goal or task and it isn’t working, adjust, make changes, and don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again. I tell this to people that walk into Providence Fit Body Boot Camp that have been struggling for years with their weight. I say, “your way isn’t working so try mine”. During game time, if another team figures out our plays and stops us, we make adjustments. This holds true with every facet in life from nutrition to parenting to playing football. If it isn't working, fix it, because things won’t change until you do.

Some people see football as a mere game of violence without any substantial learning principals, and it could be if you don’t spell it out for these kids. Many don’t realize that a lot can be learned, and a lot of discipline can be formed from organized sports. A lot of the fundamentals can be applied to real-life situations, and it’s a great way to shed a light on how hard work and team effort is what it takes to become a champion.

Just remember, “How you do anything is how you do everything”!!

Committed to your success,

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Matt Espeut, GoLocal's Health & Lifestyle Contributor has been a personal trainer and health & fitnesss consultant for over 25 years. He is the owner of Fitness Profiles, a one on one, and small group personal training company, as well as Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, located at 1284 North Main St., on the Providence/Pawtucket line. You can reach Matt at (401) 453-3200; on Facebook at "Matt Espeut", and on Twitter at @MattEspeut. "We’re all in this life together – let’s make it a healthy one.


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