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Monday, August 22, 2011


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Founder, Rogers

Your company’s Web traffic is growing, you know you need a Facebook page and you want to improve your position on Google search results, but you have no idea how these work together or how they can grow your business. One Rhode Island technology start-up thinks it has the solution.

Revenizer is one of the latest businesses to make its home headquarters in Rhode Island. Headed by Phil Rogers, a New Zealand born and current Cumberland native, Revenizer’s goal is to provide their customers with easy to use, web-based tools to help their businesses grow.


In any type of business, it is essential to communicate performance, and this company offers exactly that. According to Revenizer, it is perfect for any type of business model. “For businesses, we give you and your team easy access to key performance metrics so everyone is focused and working as a team. For agencies, we reduce manual effort and give your clients a real-time, available anywhere view of how your campaign is running. For bloggers and Web sites, it is about providing a third party verified view of how you are doing to help win new advertisers.”

One of Revenizer’s easiest and most influential tools is a report they call an ‘Easy Marketing Scorecard.’ These scorecards are created from documenting key metrics from services people may already use including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics. After these scorecards are set-up, you can access them anytime, anywhere using your mobile or the web and share them with your team, partners, and the public.

And Revenizer is capable of providing businesses these means all on the growing digital front. Rogers commented on the inherent benefits stating that “digital tools are much more dynamic and allow you to monitor what’s going on real time and therefore, adjust real time. We can see what kinds of reviews are coming in which makes it incredibly simple for small businesses. Everything is in one great place and through these tools we can offer help to our clients.”

Technology for Everyone

Rogers explained that the idea for Revenizer was hatched out of a passion for the perennial little guy. “We were all involved and had a passion for helping small businesses,” Rogers stated. However, with the competitive business front and a continuing trend towards marketing oneself employing social media, small businesses were struggling. Rogers jokingly quoted one of his clients who told Rogers that he was a “98% operator but only a 2% marketer.” And, that is where Revenizer comes in.

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Rogers said that the long term goal of Revenizer is to “provide a global solution to small business.” And with the companies’ location in the capital city, this global solution may be far more than just a far off dream. “From Rhode Island there are no real limits,” Rogers commented. “This is a global opportunity.” And Rhode Island has helped Revenizer’s goals come to fruition. Rogers lauded Rhode Island for “[having] a good community around the small businesses. It’s a pretty nice area to be. It is quite the network. We came up with an idea and we got a lot of help from the Providence community.”

For anyone who plans on taking their vision to reality in the Rhode Island market, Rogers offers this advice: “You need to have more than two people involved. When only two people talk about their vision, eventually they begin to repeat the same language. The more people involved, the better. It allows you to take advantage of the great small, engaged network that Rhode Island supports.”  


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