EDITORIAL: If You Are Sick, Please Stay Home

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


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If sick, stay home (and get home)

At GoLocal one of our golden rules is if you are sick, stay home. We appreciate that people are committed to working hard, but coming in sick does not help anyone — it just gets everyone else sick, their significant others sick, their children, and so on. 

Yes, you do get paid — why wouldn’t you. Get better.

It is amazing that for many workers their employers want them to come into their place of work - sick.

Legislation being proposed this year at the Rhode Island General Assembly would allow workers to earn sick time.

Currently, workers in Rhode Island are not guaranteed the right to earn paid sick days. This makes less than no sense.

Advocates for the legislation cite findings by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research that found an estimated 169,195 private sector workers in Rhode Island — 41.5 percent of the workforce — cannot earn a single paid sick day.

With more than 30,000 Rhode Islanders working in restaurants, most people want sick workers to stay at home - not cooking or serving them their breakfast, lunch or dinner. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea to pressure a chef or server with a fever to come into a kitchen and serve up someone’s meal.

There needs to be a balance between worker and employer interests, but common sense should prevail. Pass House Bill is 5413 and Senate Bill 290.


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