RI Beauty Expert: The Caring Hour – Before Bed Winter Beauty Rituals

Saturday, January 24, 2015


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Cold biting winds and below freezing temps are harsh on skin and we can all use some TLC right now. Before-bed beauty regimens will pay gorgeous dividends later when spring finally comes around. In the short-term, the care you take before bed tonight will make all the difference in a more beautiful tomorrow morning as well.

Take it all off

Makeup, that is. The urge to fall into a warm bed on a frigid night is oh so tempting but stop! Removing the day’s dirt and makeup will let your skin BREATHE and make it more receptive to nourishing treatments. Use a good gentle makeup remover and a soft cotton pad to remove every last speck of that blackest of black mascara. Trust me…you and your pillowcase will thank you tomorrow.

Clean it up

A creamy facial cleanser massaged lightly into the face will clean and stimulate. Winter is not the time for harsh astringent-like cleaners. Soothing and gentle are the bywords of cold-weather skincare. 


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Polar winds steal moisture from our skin and we need to replenish before it cries out in protest with rashes and grey dullness. Find creamy lotions that seep easily into the pores rather than just sit on top of the skin. You’ll know it’s working when your face feels comfortable again. Look for moisturizers that say “calming” or “mild” on the label.

Hands and nails

Hangnails are the scourge of cold weather. Keep nails and hands soft with truly emollient products. The beauty world’s new darlings are skin oils and every drugstore, boutique, and famous department store cosmetic line is offering up a version. Rub a few drops of comforting oil around your cuticles and nail beds and massage it into dry cracked hands. Today’s oils impart softening and not greasiness which soaks into skin, diminishing annoying dryness. 

Body care

Don’t neglect unexposed skin during winter or you’ll awaken in spring with scales. Find extra lubricating body butters for elbows, heels, and knees. You’ll know they’re more moisturizing because they come in jars instead of bottles which generally contain lighter lotions. Butters smell terrific too, often in scented fruity combos. 

Winter’s beauty woes can be alleviated by keeping to the evening caring routine. For great advice and help in selecting calmative winter skincare, consult with Rhode Island’s beauty emporiums at Garden City Center in Cranston. The grand new Sephora is a beauty product mecca that’s chock-full of helpful sales associates and unique indie lines. They’re super generous with samples too. Garden City is also now home to L’Occitane en Provence which is a delightful sensory experience in itself, not even counting the walls of French-inspired beauty care made with natural flower essences. And body butters have been the star feature at Body and Bath Works forever. There you will find full-on support and plenty of choices for the soothing winter evening time known as The Caring Hour.

Donna Macdonald is a freelance writer who enjoys covering topics of interest to women, especially fragrance, style, beauty. She has also written marketing material for a women's book that hit the New York Times Bestseller list and netted her an up close and personal discussion on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Donna currently writes her own personal blog, alovelyinconsequence.blogspot.com where she also writes about issues close to a woman's heart. Donna believes that when a woman finds beauty in the world, she will find beauty in herself.


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