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Schaper: I’m a Hater, You’re a Hater, Don’s a Hater (Confused?)

Friday, May 02, 2014


Donald Sterling, during his "Not-so-hater" heyday. Photo: Wikipedia/Cliffwildes

Donald Sterling is (or was) the big time philanthropist/basketball team owner who advertised big giveaways in the LA Times.

Following his incendiary, and racist (or is it “prejudiced” since there was no violence, unlike the four diplomats at Benghazi or DOJ officials from Operation Fast and Furious) comments to his girlfriend, tape-recorded for all to hear, maybe no one wants his money anymore.

Sterling was yelling at his girlfriend, telling her not to take pictures of herself with other black people. I say "other" because Sterling's girlfriend (and he’s married, too!) is half-black and half-Hispanic.

Based in Torrance, CA The Daily Breeze blasted his face on the front page, next to his girlfriend, then reported on the rising reactions against the man for his comments.

He dated a woman of mixed minority heritage. But he doesn't like black people.

The guy is a hater, and mixed up, too.

The greater blowback flies to his political affiliation. He donated to Democrats, yet he was a registered Republican. Or was he?

And therefore, Sterling represents the Dems, or the GOP?

Give me a break!

Sterling also donated to the NAACP, which gave back the money. Now, when will the leader of the NAACP's North Carolina chapter apologize for calling black Republican US Senator Tim Scott " a dummy"? That’s racist! Are they haters, too?

When does this hater not-so-merry-go-round end?

I imagine Jason Alexander singing "I'm a hater, you're a hater. . ."

Diet Dr. Hater?

Maybe Seinfeld can help us. In one episode, Elaine was dating a guy whom she thought was black. She didn't have the courage to ask, because that would be. . .racist (or irrelevant?)

Still, Elaine started seeing herself as black by association. When one of the servers at the local diner brought her the check, Elaine said "I hear ya, sister!" because the waitress was black.

I guess that makes Elaine a hater, too.

Elaine's boyfriend then admits that he thought she was Hispanic. "What? No, I'm not."

"So, we're just too white people?"

Are they racist because they realized that they were not the races that they thought they were? Sterling could have learned something about proper race relations watching Seinfeld.

“Who cares?” Serenity now!

Then again, Sterling was too busy watching those Clippers games (or yelling at his girlfriend of the week).

And he wants to watch them "the babes and the basketball" without black people. (Repeat: His girlfriend was black)

How did this whole tizzy get started, anyway?

Someone recorded his private conversation without his consent. Isn’t that a crime? That damned NSA! (Nope, the girlfriend). Speaking of which, shouldn’t the media be exposing the federal government’s outrageous, criminal invasions of our privacy?

"Barack Obama is black (actually, mixed, like Sterling’s girlfriend). Criticizing the President would make you racist."

Why stop with Sterling, then? The LA Times printed his advertisements ad nauseum.

The LA Times is racist! (except on the days when I’m printed there)

Seriously, though, this whole culture of entitled offense is getting really annoying.

"Clive Bundy is a hater because he compared slavery to welfare." Stupid? Yes. Racist? No.

The New York Times contorted itself to make him look like a hater, distorting his remarks so that no one read his support for Hispanic people and black people, followed by his comments about the damaging effects of the welfare state.

So, since the New York Times when out of its way to portray Bundy as a hater, then the NYT editors must be a haters, too!

The real alarming element in all of this, frankly, falls on this failing, flailing Fourth Estate, the Press, which is supposed to be exposing misrule through publicity, but has spent more time printing these limited, incendiary stories about individuals who make off-hand remarks about race, as if they define the current state of race relations.

Yawn. Shrug. Meh.

"Donald Sterling is a hater, and so are you!"

No, no, no.

Donald Sterling doesn't like black people, has deep prejudices? Obviously.

But why are we listening to this guy's private conversation to begin with? And why is this man's inner perversions taking so much press space in the first place? Secretary of State John Kerry remarked that Israel may create an apartheid state. Such comments from an international official have timeless and global implications. He said those awful remarks in front of lots of people and he intended other people to hear them. Kerry the racist! Where's the front page headlines on this guy?

Kerry ought to step down, though.

Or how about when the former president of Iran, Ahmed-nutjob, who declared "We are going to blow Israel off the face of the earth!" Such comments cannot be ignored, as they represent an immoral, evil leader of a hostile nation plotting annihilating force against another country.

Even lib-comic Bill Maher takes threats against the state of Israel seriously.

He also had the savvy to call out First Lady Michelle Obama's racist remarks about other blacks, "who are more interested in balling than studying".

The black guest W. Kamau Bell on Bill Maher's show was surprised by that remark, because Bell was ready to slam a white politician for saying it.

I guess that makes him a hater, too huh?

Or does it?


You're racist!


Arthur Christopher Schaper is a teacher-turned-writer on topics both timeless and timely; political, cultural, and eternal. A life-long Southern California resident, Arthur currently lives in Torrance. Follow him on Twitter@ArthurCSchaper, reach him at [email protected], and read more at Schaper's Corner and As He Is, So Are We Ministries.


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Comment #1 by bill bentley on 2014 05 02

Seriously, what on earth is he talking about. I think he's trying to be funny, but who knows. Seems like just random nonsense. I'd like to meet the person who thinks this guy is a writer. My favorite is how he shoehorns Bengazi in there, like that is somehow relevant to the subject. It's great you enjoy watching Seinfeld, Arthur, but it doesn't make you funny. And those characters on the show? Not real. It's called satire. It's a form of humor.

Comment #2 by Phil Needham on 2014 05 02

I really like this guy's explanation of liberal race baiting, including the editing done to Cliven Bundy's on-camera remarks:


Comment #3 by Art West on 2014 05 02

Phil, I think the writer brought Benghazi into this, is to show just how dumb our country has become. World events are being buried by the press so we can all fight about Donald Sterling, like a bunch of junior high school girls in the schoolyard. Sterling was demonized because he was rich. Society hates the wealthy and if they so much make one candid remark, they lose their jobs..see Paula Dean. The fact that grown men, millionaires at that, got their feelings hurt is not the end of the world. It's tough out there. Deal with it.

Comment #4 by Trixie Turnbuckle on 2014 05 02

Oh Ok, Arthu… I mean Trixie, the entire country is dumb (except for you of course), and that is illustrated by the fact that the ‘press’ has buried Benghazi so that we can have the Sterling story? Can you explain why exactly the Sterling story cannot exist without ‘burying’ Benghazi? And how does this alleged ‘burying’ of the Benghazi story illustrate the country is dumb? And Sterling is under fire not because he’s racist, but because he’s rich? I realize you’re fine with racism (hey, not the end of the world right?) but the people who are the target of his racism evidently don’t share your devil may care attitude about it. And as you point out, they are also rich, so does society hate them also?
So no big deal, right? They got their feelings hurt, Don Sterling got his feelings hurt, hopefully they are all rough and tumble like you and realize it’s tough out there. They definitely did as you suggested, and dealt with it….

Comment #5 by Elgin Morse on 2014 05 02

Art Schaper is cognitive dissonance defined.

Comment #6 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 02

It astounds me that any website would be so desperate for content that it would run the garbage this idiot writes. Wow, Go Local Prov, there are literally thousands of 6th graders who could come up with stuff far more compelling than whatever this imbecile is prattling on about. Look into you local schools!

Comment #7 by Jan Catalina on 2014 05 02

The nutty Arthur Schaper recently wrote "Cranston Mayor Fung called for Fox to step down (he should have demanded that Josh “F--- You!” Miller do the same), ...LOL
Mr Miller is a $15,000 a year part-time Senator. When the second MOST POWERFUL man in the "free world" the draft-dodging chicken-hawk coward Dick Cheney tells a well respected Senator to Go F___ Himself (not at a cocktail party, but on the Senate floor) A total lack of decorum and a sign of disrespect for the entire Senate on Cheney's part. Did the right-wing-rubes or Arthur Schaper call for the traitor Dick Cheney to step down ?? .. NO-WAY !... The incident made the totally corrupt war profiteer Cheney even more popular with the right-wing-lemmings like Mr Schaper
The vile and nauseating Cheney still calls the F__ You incident his "finest hour"...LOL

ps Mr. Scpaper 1. also INCORRECTLY wrote that Dallas Texas had an openly gay mayor (Dallas has never had a openly gay mayor)

2. Schaper also falsely wrote that Rep Mike Chippendale represents Warren RI (facts are optional for Mr Schaper) IMHO

Comment #8 by Sammy Arizona on 2014 05 02

Schaper is a serial spammer...he Tweets links to his nutty ramblings to politicians and newspapers all over the place and his Twitter account has been suspended due to spamming several times. He's mocked every place his crazy "musings" appear; he's a regular on various Patch sites and routinely begs people to either click on his links or share them. Certifiably nuts. Apparently a fired ex-school teacher in Southern California....he defends racists (it's always the "media's" fault), idolizes the Koch Brothers and thinks that Breitbart.com is actually a news site. Quite the piece of work. I'm sure Go Local Prov is proud to count him as one of their own, eh?

Comment #9 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 02

Wow, more haters! Now I am certain Mr. Sterling does not feel so lonely.

Comment #10 by Arthur Schaper on 2014 05 03

Just a note to GoLocal readers and publishers
Just google "Arthur Schaper" "Arthur C Schaper" and "Arthur Christopher Schaper" for some of the craziest wing nut foolishness that you have ever encountered
This guy makes folks like the "legitimate rape" guy Todd Akin seem ALMOST NORMAL

Comment #11 by Sammy Arizona on 2014 05 03

"I'm a hater, you're a hater, he's a hater, she's a hater. . ."

Comment #12 by Arthur Schaper on 2014 05 03

Trying to make the conversation about Mr. Schaper isn't discussing the issue it is proving Mr. Schaper's point. The media is constantly taking the publics eye off the ball.

In Benghazi four Americans died. The Administration not only covered it up but framed a man and put him in jail for making a movie. Lives and freedoms were taken. Mr. Sterling's comments didn't take anything from anyone. That seems to be a reason to question why the press is pushing the story.

Mr. Sterling being pushed to the front of the news cycle is just smoke and mirrors for the public and to sell news. Instead of doing the people's business and guarding the Republic against it's Government. Why do you think freedom of the press is in the First Amendment?
Were his comments prejudiced? Yes, but there're his comments and opinions, and he should be free to say them. If the players don't want to work for him and people don't wish to do business with him, it is their freedom to do so. No one is being forced to associate with Mr. Sterling.

Why do we think it's a good thing to punish someone for an opinion? If that were the case we would all be in trouble.

Comment #13 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 03

Ah, Wuggly Doosh has it all figured out! Donald sterling uttered his racial hatred so the media could COVER UP the attack on the US-turned-US-conspiracy-to-hide-the-REAL-reason-for-the-attack-on-the-US-called=BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wuggly Doosh, you are now welcome to Art Schaper's Crazy Town. Here's your password: BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #14 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 03

Lewis Charleston - How many died from Mr. Sterling's comments? Zero. How many people in prison? Zero. So why is it taking the headline? Do we still want the freedom of thought and speech or only when the person agrees with you? As stated before no one is forced to to or do business with Mr. Sterling, on the other hand everyone is forced to do business with the Federal Government.

Of course you might think "What does it matter now?". To me it matters because whatever happened, happened to people there working for us. I want to know what went wrong and why. Mr. Sterling's comments were his and his alone and he is the only one responsible, irrelevant to anyone else. So why does it seem that his property needs to be taken away? I don't recall anyone calling for Mr. Jackson's property to be taken away after stating,"I voted for Obama because he's black." Anytime race is used in such a manner it is prejudice.

As far as the comments being made to cover something up, no, Mr. Sterling was having what he thought to be a private conversation. It is the media that took it to cover things up.

Let's connect some dots shall we. Quote from one of the documents recently released from Ben Rhodes, resident Obama's Assistant and Deputy National Security Advisor, dated 14 September 2012.
E-mail titled RE: Prep call with Susan Rice.... a stated "goal" in the e-mail is "To underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video, and not a broader failure or policy." Another "goal" "To reinforce the President and Administration's strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challengers."
Almost forgot to mention Ben Rhodes's brother's name is David and he just happens to be the President of CBS News.

Of course it seems you have to degrade the discussion to name calling and again try to take attention away from what is actually being said.

Comment #15 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 03

Wow. Between Wuggly and Art Schaper, the KKK can get all their recruiting done right on this crazy website!

Comment #16 by Jan Catalina on 2014 05 03

I just read through the comments. It's so true to form of the liberal types that they don't answer or comment with substance, just mocking or snide remarks. Wuggly lays down some coherent, pointed observations -- Jan doesn't even attempt to refute them, but references the KKK.

I'd love to hear a rebuttal of Wuggly's comment -- with facts.

Comment #17 by Art West on 2014 05 04

You know about Bizarro World, don't you, Art? Up is down, down is up? A right-wing nut such as you wouldn't recognize "facts" even if Bizarro World Ronald Reagan came back from the dead and whispered them in your ear.

Comment #18 by Jan Catalina on 2014 05 04

The Left always projectively accuses everyone else of hate because the Left is hate.

Benghazi? Any hate there? Nah. What difference does it make?

Mr. Sterling is allowed to be prejudiced - or not. That's called the First Ammendment. The rest is just the media gassing off yet another smokescreen to distract from an economy destroyed and Americans being made the enemy by a far, far left regime funded and backed by mid-east and communist interests.

The media is stupendously uninterested in Ms. Viviano, Mr. Sterling's extortionist, who is reportedly under suspicion for embezzling two million dollars. By sheer coincidence, she lives in a two million dollar home and drives hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of exotic cars given her by Mr. Sterling.

The media is as well stupendously incurious about the uncanny coincidental arrival of oprah and Johnson and other wealthy sorts offering to buy Mr. Sterling's team for a penny on the dollar, perhaps having used Ms. Viviano as a battering ram to soften him up for the deal. That's the Left's extortionate way of doing things.

Let the name-calling useful idiots now klomp forward with their tiresome scoldings and insults. They'll be first to the wall once the regime congeals its utopian police state.

Comment #19 by paul zecchino on 2014 05 04

Perfecto, Jan, you didn't break stride in the least.

Comment #20 by Art West on 2014 05 04

"Today, instead of walking miles every day to, they're sitting on couches for hours, playing video games, watching TV.
Instead of dreaming of being a teacher or a lawyer or a business leader, they're fantasizing about being a baller or a rapper."

So Lewis Charleston, Sammy Arizona and Jan Catalina, Who is the statement about? Anything untrue about the statement? Is it a racist statement? If it is, can it be stereotypical if it's true?

Art West, paul zecchino, Arthur Schapher, Trixie Turnbuckle - Think I'm in for another round of name calling?

Comment #21 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 04

Newsflash, Paul: the Sterling matter has nothing to do with the First Amendment. You might want to shy away from quoting the Constitution when you don't know what the hell it even pertains to.

Comment #22 by Jan Catalina on 2014 05 04

It takes a special Idiot to scream about the First Amendment when the situation has nothing to do with the government trying to squelch anybody's speech. Yeah, Paul, you're special. Together with Art and Wuggly , you've got yourself the Touchhole Trifecta.

Comment #23 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 04

Sorry first line of the quote I missed an important word. School.

It should read: "Today instead of walking miles every day to school......."

Comment #24 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 04

Jan Catalina and Lewis Charleston - The First Amendment is only there to recognize the right granted by your Creator and remind Government of it's limitations.

The press was given the freedom to report even if it was exposing a problem with the Government or a politician in power. This was to ensure an informed public.

Mr. Sterling exercised his right as stated by paul zecchino.

The press has failed to report on Bengahzi and therefore failed to keep the public informed of it's Government in favor of Mr. Sterling's conversation. As stated by paul zecchino and me.

Would you care to elaborate on your comments of how our statements are not in the context of the conversation?

Comment #25 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 04

The "Creator" granted rights, huh? Well, He is a liberal, so maybe so...

Comment #26 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 05

Paul Zecchino, Art West, and Wuggly Ump:

Thanks for your thoughuful comments.

Don't mind Lewis, Sammy, and Jan. They are my haters.

And I love my haters!

They don't know who their father is, that's why they act the way they do.

Sad yet entertaining all at the same time.

Thanks again, Go Local Reader, for your feedback!

Comment #27 by Arthur Schaper on 2014 05 05

Artie, you are delusional. You're not worthy of hate--that's saved for war criminals like Dick Cheney. You are a thoughtless twat, though. Thanks for the laughs. Always fun to mock a drooling moron.

Comment #28 by Lewis Charleston on 2014 05 05

Lewis Charleston - Yes Lewis, Creator, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. That is where we derive our rights as U.S. citizens. The Founders didn't pick a specific for you, believe what you will. Intelligent design or mix of random elements, didn't matter. What mattered was the rights granted didn't come from Government and therefore couldn't be taken by Government. That's where we get "inalienable rights" from.
As far as being a Liberal I'm thinking more like Libertarian.

Comment #29 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 05

Write your comment...

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