Chafee Tunes Out Talk Radio

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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Governor Lincoln Chafee has announced that he will not appear on talk radio shows and is barring state employees in agencies and departments that report to him from doing the same during work hours, according to spokesman Christian Vareika.

“The rationale is that these are profit, ratings-driven programming,” Vareika said. He said the Governor’s office will continue to deal with the news divisions at radio stations.

An exception will be made for emergencies, such as tomorrow’s snowstorm, during which state officials “will be permitted to use any venue possible” to communicate to the public, Vareika said.

During the campaign, Chafee was a guest on talk radio several times. Vareika denied there is any inconsistency with his actions then and now. “He’s now the Governor. He’s not a candidate,” Vareika said. “I think there’s a clear distinction.”


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