NEA Bucks Raimondo - Refuses to Endorse Her

Thursday, August 16, 2018


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NEA refuses to endorse Raimondo

The National Education Association Rhode Island Political Action Committee for Education (NEARI-PACE) today announced its first round of endorsed candidates for statewide and general assembly primaries in 2018.  The union did not endorse Governor Gina Raimondo's re-election. 

Raimondo is blamed by many teachers for cutting their cost of living adjustments (COLA) to their pensions when she was RI General Treasurer. The failure to gain the endorse by the incumbent Democratic governor by the teacher's union is a loss for Raimondo and a win for challenger Matt Brown.

“Our committee engages in a robust candidate screening process and we’re proud to share this list of endorsements with our membership,” said NEARI-PACE Chairwoman Amanda Scott. “We have watched our colleagues in Rhode Island and across the country fight against corporate interests and band together in the knowledge that unions are the best way to advocate for a better future for themselves, their families and their students. We believe these individuals support NEARI ideals and are the best option to put forth policies for Rhode Island that will protect workers as we face the challenges ahead.”

“We look forward to activating our 12,000 members in support of these endorsed candidates,” said NEARI President Larry Purtill. “There are critical issues facing Rhode Island. NEARI is energized and determined to stand behind the candidates who have pledged to protect workers’ rights; keep our public schools safe, warm, and dry; strengthen environmental protections for healthy communities; and support higher education as an investment in our state’s future.”

NEARI-PACE 2018 First-Round Endorsements

Lt. Governor

Aaron Regunberg (D)

State Representative

Dist. 3    Moira Walsh (D)

Dist. 5    Marcia Ranglin-Vassell (D)

Dist. 7    Daniel McKiernan (D)

Dist. 9    Anastasia Williams (D)

Dist. 11 Grace Diaz (D)

Dist. 26 James Jackson (D)

Dist. 28 Scott Guthrie (D)

Dist. 33 Carol Hagen McEntee (D)

Dist. 47 Cale Keable (D)

Dist. 58 Carlos Tobon (D)

Dist. 59 Jean Philippe Barros (D)

Dist. 63 Katherine Kazarian (D)

Dist. 64 Jose Serodio (D)

Dist. 69 Susan Donovan (D)

State Senate

Dist. 1    Maryellen Goodwin (D)

Dist. 5    Paul Jabour (D)

Dist. 7    Frank Ciccone (D)

Dist. 14  Valarie Lawson (D)

Dist. 23  Kevin Heitke (D)

Dist. 29  Michael McCaffrey (D)

Dist. 30  Jeanine Calkin (D)

Dist. 35  Bridget Valverde (D)

Dist. 36  James Sheehan (D)


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