House Oversight Needs to End Pattern of Failure: Guest MINDSETTER™ Casimiro

Friday, February 22, 2019


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Rep. Julie A. Casimiro

UHIP, DCYF deaths, DMV wait times, and now, MTM failing our most vulnerable citizens during their time of need.  Debacle after debacle keeps happening and the state seems to be unable, or unwilling, to learn from past mistakes that are having serious impacts on those residents we should be helping and protecting the most.

When will this end?

As a newly appointed member of the House Oversight Committee, I was eager to begin helping our residents whose state government had failed to provide adequate services.  My first meeting involved the recent discovery that MTM, hired to provide non-emergency, yet critical, medical transportation for our elderly and disabled has not only failed to live up to their contract, but put the lives and health of its patients in jeopardy by simply not showing up.

Showing up and providing transportation was MTM’s only job, a job they failed at with a horrifying degree.

After hours of testimony from those who had been devastatingly affected, I asked myself how this situation was possible and why are we continually letting down our most vulnerable citizens?

Regardless of the department, vendor, or service, a pattern has emerged in Rhode Island of our state not providing proper and crucial management to these various services.  While some are certainly more horrific infractions that others, such children dying under DCYF care, all of these debacles add up to a very troubling trend of lack of management and accountability.

This pattern needs to be reversed and changed immediately because I shudder to think what the next problem will be that is brought before the House Oversight Committee.  And at this rate, I am sure more problems, more controversies, more lack of accountability and course-correcting action will emerge, causing the Oversight Committee to once again assemble in order to find answers and solutions for the citizens of Rhode Island.

Caring for those who are unable to care for themselves is one of the most important and vital aspects of our government and as we have seen time and time again, we are desperately failing to accomplish this simple directive.

Simply put, this disturbing trend needs to end and the House Oversight Committee will not rest until this pattern of failure ends for the residents of Rhode Island.

Rep. Julie A. Casimiro, a Democrat, represents District 31 in North Kingstown and Exeter


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