2018 Gov’s Playbook: Race Between Raimondo, Fung and Trillo Is On

Monday, September 17, 2018


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The field is set: Fung, Raimondo, and Trillo

The field of major candidates for RI governor is now clear. Democratic nominee Governor Gina Raimondo, GOP nominee Allan Fung and Independent Joe Trillo are now in the seven-week sprint to Election Day on November 6.

Raimondo captured 57 percent of the vote — her best performance as a candidate for Governor. She received just under 67,000 votes and is likely to consolidate much of the Democratic primary voters — just under 120,000.

But, she came out of the primary by immediately launching an attack ad on Cranston Mayor’s Fung and stumbled with a clumsy TV ad the criticized Cranston, but showed scene’s of Providence.

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Faux pas triggered memories of Iceland

The error sparked memories of the Raimondo administration’s global embarrassment when the state’s tourism campaign’s launch "We Are RI" video included footage of Iceland.

The awkward start will be a footnote in the campaign unless it is the beginning of a series of errors.

Numbers for Fung

Fung’s 2018 primary performance was only marginally better than his 2014 defeat over Moderate Party-turned Republican Ken Block.

According to the RI Board of Election numbers, Fung received just 1,000 more votes in the GOP primary than a year earlier.

2018 GOP Primary Results

Allan W. Fung* (REP) 18,577  56.4%

Patricia L. Morgan (REP) 13,208  40.1%

Giovanni Feroce (REP) 1,147 3.5%

2014 GOP Primary Results

Allan W. Fung (REP) 17,530  54.9%

Kenneth J. Block (REP) 14,399 45.1%

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Let the race begin, political cartoon by R.W. Alley

And, know Fung faces the same difficult three-way scenario as in 2014 with the addition of Joe Trillo to the mix for the general election.


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Allan Fung (R)


A solid win in the primary coupled with the Raimondo stumble was a good start to the campaign.


One big loss is the inability to galvanize the party after the primary. In 2014, Fung could not mend fences with challenger Ken Block and in 2018, where is Patricia Morgan's endorsement?

X-Factor:  Needs to convince Trillo voters that "a vote for Joe is a vote for Gina."

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Momentum: Flat

Gina Raimondo (D)


A bigger primary win than some anticipated. While the "Anybody But Gina" group was solid, it was not enough for Matt Brown.

The good news is she ought to be able to consolidate much of Brown's voters.


Her TV commercial error is embarrassing. With $8 million campaign budget one ought to be able to properly review a TV spot. SEE THE COMMERCIAL HERE

X-Factor: Her campaign chant, "Trillo...Trillo...Trillo" as he splits the conservative vote.

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Momentum: Up

Joe Trillo (I)


Trillo came out right after the primary swinging. He joined GoLocal LIVE on Thursday and outlined his differences with both GOP candidate Allan Fung and Democrat Gina Raimondo.



Needs to articulate to victory -- more than just the path to disruption of the campaign.

X-Factor:  His "I can get things done" mantra is his strong suit.

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Other candidates

GoLocal will report on other candidates for Governor when they make news during the campaign.


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