RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Establishes Crowdfunding Drive for PC Grad Smalanskas

Saturday, May 26, 2018


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Michael Smalanskas on GoLocal LIVE

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity has established a crowdfunding drive to raise money for Michael Smalanskas’ legal defense to investigate whether Title IX or civil rights violations occurred at Providence College.

See Smalanskas on LIVE below

Smalanskas joined GoLocal LIVE at the State House on Thursday and gave his version of events which followed posting his support for traditional Catholic marriage in a college community space earlier this spring.

Progressive students at the college spoke out against Smalanksas' actions, and Smalanskas said he was threatened with rape and murder -- and questioned why a college official, Vice President Kristine Goodwin would support the progressives right to free speech but not his, when the free speech then turned to physical threats. 

Smalanskas had a restraining order issued against him just as he was graduating.

"There's a double standard," said Smalanskas on LIVE, who is currently not allowed on campus, after Goodwin filed a restraining order against Smalanskas after she said she felt threatened by his behavior.

"A civil restraining order was issued by the court after Mr. Smalanskas’ unacceptable conduct toward a member of our community on campus this past weekend. Because of the serious nature of his actions, the College has restricted his access to campus,” said Providence College in a statement on Thursday. 

Crowdfunding Website

The Freedomyfy.com crowdfunding website can accept tax-deductible contributions from those who wish to help Smalanskas.

All donated monies will be reserved in a restricted-account-fund by the Center, to be paid to any nonprofit legal entity that Smalanskas chooses to represent him.


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