Elorza Plagiarized Diossa Apology for Stealing

Friday, August 29, 2014


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 Providence mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza’s admission that he had been arrested for shoplifting was taken word for word from a letter Central Falls Mayor James Diossa issued to constituents explaining his arrest on the same charge.

Elorza’s campaign confirmed in a statement to GoLocalProv that the former housing court judge had been arrested as an 18-year-old for shoplifting a shirt from a department store in Warwick. Elorza pled no contest to the charge and served 20 hours of community service.

In a June 20 letter to 7,000 Providence voters, Elorza said he had learned an important lesson from the incident and had turned his life around.

He wrote: “I want to be upfront about a mistake I made years ago as a young man, because I want you to hear the story directly from me. When I was 18 years old, I was caught shoplifting a shirt from a department store. Why did I do it? I don’t have a good answer. Like a lot of teenagers, I wanted to impress my friends. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, and I accepted full responsibility immediately. I faced a judge and served my community service hours, grateful that I had adults who loved me unconditionally and supported me when I needed it. I learned a valuable lesson and I’ve never been in trouble with the law again.”

His confession is taken nearly word for word from a letter Diossa sent on Oct. 6, 2012.

“Like many people, I have had my share of ups and downs. I want to be upfront about a mistake I made years ago as a young man, because I want you to hear the story directly from me and not from an opponent of mine.  When I was a teenager, I was arrested for shoplifting a bottle of cologne from a store.  Why did I do it?  I don’t have a good answer.  Like a lot of teenagers, I wanted to impress my friends.  I knew it was the wrong thing to do and I accepted full responsibility immediately.  I faced a judge and served my community service hours, grateful that I had caring adults who loved me unconditionally and supported me when I needed it. I learned a lot from that experience.”

The full text of both letters will be posted at the bottom of the story.

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 When first asked why Elorza brought up the arrest, his campaign manager, Marisa O’Gara said, “Much of his story is about his struggles as a young man, and how he turned his life around. He chose to be forthright about this because he believes strongly in transparency and ethics, and he wants to be completely upfront with the people of Providence. He wants them to hear directly from him how these struggles shaped his vision for Providence.”

Asked tonight why his confession was nearly identical to Diossa’s, O’Gara said an advisor had drafted the letter. She confirmed the advisor, whom she did not name, had also worked for Diossa. She said the campaign had not been aware of the similarity in language.

“A former advisor helped our campaign write the first draft of this letter, and this same advisor had also worked on James Diossa’s letter. Jorge relayed his personal story, our advisor presented us with this language, and Jorge felt it accurately described his personal struggle. If we had known the language was the same as Mayor Diossa's, we would have immediately corrected it. What was really important to Jorge was disclosing the truth about the mistakes he made as a young man, mistakes about which he has been forthright and upfront,” O’Gara said.

GoLocalProv first learned of the existence of the letter from former state Rep. candidate Thomas Kane, who was running in House District 52 in Cumberland but eventually dropped out of the race after incumbent Karen MacBeth decided to stay in it.

Kane said he obtained a copy of the letter from an advisor when he was seeking examples of letters other candidates had sent out to voters. He ended up not writing one of his own since he decided against running. But had he decided to use the letter, he said he would not have copied it word for word.

“Absolutely not. Voters deserve authenticity from candidates seeking their vote. I never would have hand signed a letter that plagiarized an elected official,” Kane said. 

Diossa could not be reached for comment in time for publication. 

Stephen Beale can be reached at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @bealenews


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Vincent "Buddy" Cianci

As one of the longest-serving "big city" mayors in United States history, Rhode Island has experienced Cianci's ups and downs for over 21 years.

Now twice-convicted Cianci is once again back in RI's spotlight running as an Independent in the Providence Mayoral race.

Cianci was forced to resign as Mayor in 1984 after being indicted on assault charges.

In April 2001, Cianci was indicted on federal charges of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, witness tampering, and mail fraud.

He served four years in a federal prison.

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Michael Solomon

Providence City Council President and Democratic candidate for Mayor Michael Solomon is currently being investigated by the Rhode Island Ethics Commission. 

Solomon failed to report a city loan for the Conrad Building on his annual ethics filings. 

Michael Long, the Providence Ward 1 Republican City Council Candidate, filed a complaint that charged Solomon with 25 violations of the disclosure requirements.

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Dominick Ruggerio

Dominick Ruggerio is the Democratic Majority Leader of the Rhode Island Senate.

A member of the Senate since 1985, he was elected Majority Leader on November 10, 2010, having won election to his 14th term in the Senate on November 2, 2010.

Ruggerio was arrested for shoplifting condoms in 1990. He was not prosecuted.

In 2012, Ruggerio was charged with a DUI.

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John Harwood

In 2002, Former Speaker of the House John Harwood faced unproven sexual misconduct charges.

The allegations brought against Harwood, but never proven, were that he had sex with Statehouse aide Wendy Collins.

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Frank Ciccone III

Democratic member of the Rhode Island Senate Frank Ciccone was arrested twice in the 1980's. He has represented District 7 since January 2005.

In 1981, Ciccone punched both a cab driver and passenger in Providence.

Just two years later, Ciccone was charged with possession of a loaded shotgun in a moving vehicle and for breaking a window in a bar.

Although Ciccone was found guilty of lesser charges for both these incidents, they were later expunged.

In 2012, Ciccone intervened when Ruggerio was stopped by police for drunk driving.

Ciccone lost committee chairmanship but is now running for re-election.

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Robert A. Watson

Robert Watson, a Republican member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and an attorney, was arrested twice for marijuana possession.

On Friday, April 22, 2011, Watson was stopped in East Haven, Connecticut at a police checkpoint. He was charged for both marijuana possession and a DUI.

Watson was arrested in South Kingston, RI for possession of marijuana on Jan 22, 2012. In his car were also three containers of alcohol.

Since 1992, Watson has represented the 30th District.

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John Carnevale

John M. Carnevale is a Democrat of the Rhode Island House of Representatives. He has represented District 3 since January 2009.

Carnevale was indicted by a grand jury on charges of first- and second-degree sexual assault in October 2011.

His alleged victim died of a pulmonary embolism shortly after the indictment.

The charges were dropped by Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, who cited the inability to proceed with the case due to no longer having the woman's testimony.

In 2012, Carnevale ran unopposed for both the September 11, 2012 Democratic Primary, winning with 550 votes and the November 6, 2012 General election, winning with 2,901 votes.

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Gordon Fox

This past March, the State House office of Former Speaker of the House Gordon Fox was raided by the RI State Police in conjunction with FBI and IRS agents.

This marks the first time a State House office was ever raided by law enforcement officials.

Fox resigned from the Speakership effective March 22, 2014.

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Allan Fung

Republican candidate for Governor Allan Fung was involved in a fatal car accident in February of 1989 when he was an 18-year-old college student.

After losing consciousness at the wheel on I-95, Fung ran over and killed James W. Skipper, Jr. of Pawtucket.

A grand jury declined to indict him and his record was expunged.

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Jorge Elorza

A relative newcomer to politics, Providence mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza is running on a platform of ethics and transparency, but he’s had his brush with the law as well.

In a campaign letter Elorza admitted to being arrested for shoplifting as an 18-year-old.

He says he has since transformed his life, going from CCRI to a job on Wall Street, then to a profession in law. A former housing court judge, he resigned his position to run for Mayor.


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