LIVE: Kaplan Believes RI Could Become Innovation District

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


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Saul Kaplan

Saul Kaplan, the former Executive Director of the Rhode Island Development Corporation, told GoLocal LIVE that Rhode Island, could harness its small size to its advantage.

The state, he said, could foster innovation by welcoming new, emerging technologies and industries and fostering them as a test case. The state could create the regulatory climate for new industries and technologies to foster here, test their products, services, or even industries,

Kaplan used Uber as an example. Instead of creating barriers for a new, disruptive technology for the ride sharing giant, the state should have welcomed the innovator (while helping the displaced industry--taxi cabs--become more competitive).

“Instead of being the last place that these companies come to...what if we were the first place that they came?” Kaplan asked.

Kaplan also gave Gina Raimondo and state officials and organizers high marks for the National Governors Association meeting over the weekend because it was well run and garnered the state lots of positive press.


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