MUSIC: Math The Band Obliterates Dusk

Saturday, March 09, 2013


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Dynamic eletro-punks Math The Band headlined a massive 6-band bill at Dusk this week.

On Thursday night at Dusk in Providence, dynamic electro-punks Math The Band headlined a massive 6 band bill put on by local promotions company General Assembly that guaranteed a massive overload of musical ecstasy. At Bay, Trip Dicks, Holy Death, Business Models and Bearstronaut rounded out a lineup filled with synth, beats and sheer brilliance. It seems that at least once a week there's a kickass show going on at Dusk, and this night was no different.

At Bay

Making their live debut, new wave electronica duo At Bay started off the night with sounds that remind me of New Order and Friendly Fires. A clash of old and new styles when it comes to new wave dance music, I dug At Bay's keyboards that made all sorts of interstellar sounds to go along with cool guitar riffs that made you feel like wearing your sunglasses at night and putting on your favorite Members Only jacket. It was short with only 3 untitled songs but it was also pretty sweet, I'm looking forward to seeing At Bay play around Providence more often.

Trip Dicks

One of The Creative Capital's best kept secrets when it comes to pure songwriting ability, Liz Isenberg and her dance pop project Trip Dicks came up next and she put me into a trance. Beat structure that was out of world to go along with Liz's voice that sounded as if she was talking dirty to the microphone, Trip Dicks is sexy and sassy. "Set The Trap", "Are You Paying Attention?", "Pool Boy", "Do I Have To", "Aporia", "Jealousy", "Shut Up (Heart) Already" encompassed a performance that blew me away. Trip Dicks is currently working on their debut album I Heard She Got Fat that should he released sometime this year, I'm excited to hear it and so should you.

Holy Death

A musical shift took place when Philadelphia metal duo Holy Death went on stage, the walls shook and my eardrums pulsated into oblivion. Seismic drums and gnarly guitar riffs sent chills down my spine and it was a euphoric experience. "I Get It, You Go To Art School", "The Lime Tree Is Docile", "Cold", "Rough Draft" and "Ask Me If I'm A Bus" was hellaciously amazing, I definitely want to see these guys play Providence again. Holy Death currently has an EP titled Get Well available via cassette and on their Bandcamp page, get it and let it roar through your speakers.

Business Models

Fellow citizens of The City Of Brotherly Love, post pop punk rockers Business Models got my attention with a sound that's a cross between the styles of Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate. They're not your typical pop punk band at all, these guys actually play with intestinal fortitude unlike their contemporaries. Chords that were all over the place along with emphatic rhythms that I couldn't resist enjoying, Business Models brought an intense amount of energy that had everyone watching. "I'll Have What I'm Having", "I Have To Change It", "The Aptitude", "Spinnaker", "And Then It Was Now", "Thing Or 2" and "Searching For The Perfect Place" were part of a set that rocked the house. It seems like every band I see from Philly that performs in Providence nowadays I want to see again, same goes for Business Models.


With a huge drum set, three keyboards, a floor tom and a contraption made of snares and tambourines to go along with the usual bass and guitar, Boston's Bearstronaut brought their innovative brand of indie electronic dance rock that was a total treat. "Paradice (Entrapment)", "Shannon", "Moniker", "Roger Was A Dancer", "A Better Hand" and "Wire" created a dancefloor in the middle of the place with people shaking their hips and waving their hands in the air incessantly. Bearstronaut will be putting out a new album off of Vanya Records in November, you better make sure you have your boogie shoes by then after you grab it.

Math The Band

Math The Band were the grand finale of the evening and they didn't disappoint, loud as an atomic bomb and fast as a sonically charged bolt of lightning. Justin Steinhauser and Justine Mainville were completely maniacal as always, If watching them perform doesn't get you pumped up I don't know what will. "Mission Statement", "Hang Out/Hang Ten", "Bad Jokes", "Hey Alright", "Stay Real (Sock It To Me Satan)", "I Hope You Die", "Four To Six", "Down" and "Tour De Friends" exuded electricity that created a mini mosh pit amongst the attendees. Math The Band still have their latest album Get Real available and they'll be performing at AS220 in Providence on April 12th, grab the album and check out the show because they will both be worth your while. It's always fun seeing a show at Dusk, log on to to check out what's happening next.


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