New York Whines About Providence’s Pizza Prowess

Saturday, March 02, 2013


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Can you hear the whining from New York? Providence's #2 ranking as the best pizza city in United States seems to have infuriated New Yorkers.

The ranking of Providence over New York sparked the Gothamist  to question the journalistic integrity of Travel & Leisure magazine.

Certainly, if you are the self-proclaimed "Big Apple," you have 8.2 million people, and you are a city that never sleeps then you might be better at making pizza. Please, don't blame the ref.

1/46 the size

For New York, the loss to providence (a city with a population 1/46 the size) is an embarrassment and a clear indictation that Gotham should spend less time worrying about soda consumption and spend more time coming up with a better pie.

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Does Travel + Leisure have some kind of blood feud going on with New York? Over the years, the "magazine" has been steadily chipping away at our self-confidence, calling us rude, dirty, unfriendly, and average-looking, and while we've managed stayed resilient, they've finally taken it too far: the magazine just put out recent survey ranking the country's best pizza, and we came in THIRD PLACE. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Most important ranking

Sure, Providence is on the fringe of bankruptcy and maybe we are best known for Mayor's with questionable legacies, but make no mistake about it - Travel & Leisure, located on Avenue of the Americas in New York City has spoken and New York has finished behind in one of America's most important rankings - Pizza.

Gotham writes: So, in short, we're all a bunch of crappy pizza-eating drunkards that can't make pizza as well as a city that tried to get calamari instated as an Official State Appetizer. On the bright side, though, it looks like New York pizziaolos aren't letting this little survey get them down. "Whoever did this survey doesn’t know anything about pizza," Grimaldi's general manager Dan Taormina told the Post. We demand to see some credentials.


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