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Thursday, October 14, 2010


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Traveler, treasure hunter, and jewelry designer Jessica Ricci has been translating her wanderlust into stunningly creative necklaces, earrings and bracelets from her studio home at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket for more than five years. “I had to teach myself how to fabricate jewelry,” said the Providence native, who draws inspiration from the finds she’s acquired throughout her international travels. Ricci finds beauty in everyday items, including keys found in Buenos Aires and 200-year-old lace she spotted in a Parisian flea market, but also looks to reflect the spiritual nature of a country, as she does with her collection of spiritual deities. “The whole point is to go to these countries and deliver these cultures,” she explained. “It’s really the objects that tell me what’s going to be made.” A brag book of airline miles, her passport bears stamps from Argentina, Italy, France, Iceland, Nepal, India and Tanzania.

From Trinket to Treasure

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After Ricci finds the objects, she creates a wax mold at her studio that is then used as the cast for whichever metal she is working with–sterling silver, vermeil, 10k and 14k gold and more. “The wax makes it easier to dictate, and then translate,” she said. Price point all depends on the materials involved, as some include semi-precious stone and others, diamonds. While Jessica Ricci Jewelry is carried in a handful of boutiques, Ricci prefers selling directly through her web site and in person. “I prefer it much more to be one on one,” she said. “Being in retailers sound great, but it keeps a distance between you and the client. I like to be able to work with people’s price points, so if they love it, I can work with their budget.”

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