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Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?

Friday, October 05, 2012


Who’s Hot

David Cicilline -> The embattled Congressman has watched his race swing by over 20 points since February and now holds a slight lead over Republican Brendan Doherty. The race is still a tossup, but it certainly appears Cicilline has successfully pinned what he calls the “radical agenda” of the national GOP to his opponent.

Sheldon Whitehouse & Jim Langevin -> The latest WPRI poll has Senator Whitehouse and Congressman Langevin comfortably ahead of their Republican opponents. Both have always been heavy favorites in their respective races, but 20-plus point leads a month before the election at a time when Congress has such low approval ratings is still impressive.

Angel Taveras & Gina Raimondo -> The two most popular politicians in the state were approaching 60 percent approval in the WPRI poll and it appears they both remain the most promising potential Democratic candidates for Governor in 2014. Keep watching the fundraising numbers. Those close to Raimondo say she raked in approximately $250,000 in the third quarter (although the official number won’t be released until the end of the month) and Taveras seems to have a slew of fundraisers lined up before the end of the year.

Mitt Romney -> There is no question who won the first Presidential debate. The Republican candidate got the boost he desperately needed by outperforming Obama and setting the tone for the next month. Even the MSNBC pundits thought this thing was a landslide.

Twin River -> Twin River has now surpassed the $3 million mark in spending and it looks like it will pay off. The WPRI poll suggested that over 58 percent of likely voters support expanding to table games when they head to the voting booth next month.

Abel Collins -> His campaign has spent far too much time complaining about being excluded from the upcoming television debates (will anyone even watch anything but Cicilline/Doherty debates?) but that doesn’t mean the Independent candidate in the 2nd District doesn’t have a point. If there’s space for Chris Young, there certainly should be space for Abel Collins.

Who’s Not

Lincoln Chafee -> The Governor’s approval is still in the tank and more than half of the likely voters polled by WPRI don’t even believe he handled the 38 Studios debacle well. Chafee remains most popular among Democrats, which makes one wonder whether he’ll officially join the party between now and 2014.

Barry Hinckley & Mike Riley -> Neither candidate was pleased with their poll results this week, particularly when it comes to name recognition. Hinckley has been running for well over a year and Riley has been all over television and radio, but when over 60 percent of voters have no opinion of you, something is clearly not working.

Curt Schilling -> It’s not easy to feel bad for Curt Schilling, but it’s sad to see anyone lose everything. Now Schilling, who says he’s put more than $50 million of his own money into 38 Studios, is selling his house and he may have to sell off a significant portion of memorabilia, including the infamous bloody sock from the 2004 American League Championship Series.

West Warwick -> Many have considered West Warwick the next municipality to go bankrupt and without significant changes, that may very well be the case. Here’s hoping the town’s leaders take the Providence approach over the Central Falls option.

General Assembly -> When 43 percent of voters say they would like to throw every member out of office, something is not right. We hear a lot about the approval rating for Congress, but it would be interesting to see that question put to Rhode Islanders about the legislature.

Bobby Valentine -> No matter how bad Governor Chafee has it, at least he can look in the mirror every day and know that at least he’s not Bobby V.


Dan McGowan can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan.


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Who's Not:

J. Patrick O'Neill, for blaming "the leadership" for evrything wrong in R.I.

Did "the leadership" force him to live in Narragansett for all those years instead of in his district in Pawtucket?

Did "the leadership" force him to take campaign payoffs from Deepwater Wind CEO and Chief Lobbyists in exchange for passing a $750 MILLION tax on R.I. ratepayers?

Did "the leadership" force him to sponsor expungement bills to help his notorious clients - drunk drivers, mid-level drug dealers, repeat child molesters - and his own wallet?

NOT Hot at all, Mr. No Show

Shame on this disgraceful "representative."

Comment #1 by Guido Fawkes on 2012 10 05

The fact that the Sissy-liar v Doherty race is even close proves that the voters of this state are pathetic sheep. Also have to love Wheldon's TV add about tax breaks for companies that off-shore jobs...hey Wheldon - your party controlled the WH and both chambers for 2 years - why didn't YOU do something about it then????

Comment #2 by John D Revelator on 2012 10 05

From the Doherty Press Release:

In one of the horrific cases, Cicilline represented Anthony Gardiner, who ultimately was convicted on five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and witness intimidation. Gardiner’s conviction resulted from his participation in a brutal sexual assault of a young Warwick woman. The details of the assault are so graphic and disturbing they can’t be recounted here.
David Cicilline represented Frank A. Bertram, who was convicted of first degree murder of a sixteen year old girl who was strangled and her body left in a wooden box in a hotel room.
Cicilline defended James Krakue, a drunken husband convicted of domestic felony assault after punching his wife in the face, nearly blinding her and then beating her with a wooden chair. She was so terrified of him, she left the state and, out of fear, refused to testify against him. Krakue was found guilty.

then cicilline says this on his facebook page,
Earlier today I joined with the members of the Rhode Island delegation to support the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence as they launch their new campaign- No More. Together we can end domestic violence.


Comment #3 by anthony sionni on 2012 10 05

Dan, while Ciciline has pinned Doherty with the "Boehner" label, like everything that comes out of Ciciline's mouth - it is not the truth. Cicilline is LYING again. He continues to LIE about all of Doherty's positions in hopes of scaring up votes. Pathetic.

Cicilline is as dishonest as any professional politician.

Comment #4 by David Allen on 2012 10 05

Hey Dan, I spend my time campaigning, not complaining. I'm fortunate to have a lot of supporters who will do that for me. In fact, more than 900 Rhode Islanders have made it known they want me in the debate, including Congressman Langevin.

My team and I have worked our tails off building up the numbers to get into the debates, and it makes a mockery of the democratic process to keep me out. What are they afraid of?

Comment #5 by Abel Collins on 2012 10 05

"Something is clearly not working" You give out "hots" where there is no heat and "nots" to fill space. Bobby Valentine..oh brother. You got scooped by a WPRI poll and RI Future, and through a GoLocal Contributor. Yup..something is clearly not working. Now we know that "hots" for Sugar Daddy don't translate into poll results.

Comment #6 by Michael Gardiner on 2012 10 05

Over a week ago I signed the petition to let Abel Collins join the TV debate. He announced months before the "filing window" and campaigned ever since. As a candidate, he stands head and shoulders above those candidates who announce by filing for a ballot position and claim a party label despite never campaigning for party support. Although he lacks a party, he has party-like affiliations.

The main thing is he actually mounted a campaign. Your criticism that his campaign "spent way too much time complaining" is absurd. You obviously gave no thought to the ramifications of not being included in the debates.

Let's see if I can match the level of your voice: "Where does that even come from?"

Comment #7 by Michael Gardiner on 2012 10 05

Why would anyone with brain, or who owns a house in Lincoln, be stupid enough to vote to approve table games. The table games issue is a ruse. The ultimate goal is to then turn Twin River into a Foxwoods-size casino, with 24/7 traffic jams, people busining in from all over southern New England, jamming the roads, littering our streets, making all kinds of noise, with increased crime, housebreaks, accidents, drunk-driving, etc.

Comment #8 by Mark Richards on 2012 10 06

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