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NEW: Binder Blasts Fox on Additional Tax Credits

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The election may not be over for Gordon Fox. His primary challenger Mark Binder, who almost upset the powerful Speaker of the House has come out today blasting Fox' yet to be announced tax credit program.

"Do we really need to be reminded of House Speaker Gordon Fox’s role in 38 Studios disaster so early in the year? It seems so. Following the 38 Studios disaster, Gordon Fox and many others in government, promised an investigation and oversight on projects like this. We are still waiting. In the meantime…," said Binder.

According to a release issued today by Binder, "The Legislature is reportedly considering granting upwards of $40 million in tax credits to rehab the “Superman building.” That’s $40 out of pocket for every man, woman and child in this state."

Binder, who challenged Fox for the 4th House seat surprised many with has aggressive challenge.  Fox held on to win primarily due to the strong turnout at the voting locations in the Mount Hope section. Binder ran competitive with Fox at the East Side voting locations.

"And the person who’s lobbying for the project is a 26-year old-guy who worked on Gordon Fox’s political campaign in the last election. Nick Hemond is being paid handsome $10,000 dollars a month by an out-of state landowner and Cornish Associates developers to push the deal through. I wonder who’s going to be the broker for the tax credits, Michael Corso? (Corso is a lobbyist and broker of tax credits - he was tied to the  38 Studios failure). Once again it seems that in Rhode Island, it’s not about what’s best for the taxpayers, it’s about paying money to somebody who “knows a guy.

Yes, having the building empty downtown would be lame. But blame the current tax code, which makes it advantageous to leave property empty, rather than lease it at a lower rent." said Binder.

Fox is scheduled to announce a economic program this afternoon along side General Treasurer Gina Raimondo.


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