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SLIDES: Can Gay Marriage Clear the Senate Judiciary Committee?

Monday, January 28, 2013


Mere moments after the House of Representatives approved a bill by Rep. Arthur Handy last week that would legalize same-sex marriage in Rhode Island, proponents both for and against the measure began to wonder how long it would take the State Senate to begin its discussions on the controversial social issue.
But lost in the shuffle of that potential milestone moment is the fact that, for the bill to even get to the full Senate, it first has to pass the Senate Judiciary Committee.
And that’s no easy task.
Experts around the state agree that same sex marriage has a better chance of passing in Rhode Island now than ever before but the key hurdle will be getting through a judiciary committee that is, by all accounts, split right down the middle on the issue.
So who are the members of this key committee that may well decide the issue of same sex marriage in Rhode Island?
Take a look.


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