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video: Providence School Teacher Quits, Rips School District

Friday, December 14, 2012


An elementary school teacher in the Providence Public Schools has taken to YouTube to offer his resignation and air out his frustrations with district policies that he believes places too much emphasis on test taking.

In the nearly seven-minute video, Stephen Round, who has taught in Providence schools since 1999, lays out his concerns over a variety of issues, including social interaction for students, recess and the lack of flexibility that comes from a culture so focused on test results.

“I’ve had it, I quit,” he says in the video.

The entire video is below:


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Comment #1 by frank bentley on 2012 12 14

Didn't the the first comment would be from a typical ignorant person commenting on something he knows nothing about. Anyway, I feel really sad for this teacher and his family and students. Teaching used to be a fulfilling profession and now it's been reduced to a test-prep factory. The kids hate it and many disengage. Only one model of teaching is allowed, the workshop model, when we all know students learn in many different ways. No supplies to use to make projects like colored pencils, printer ink and even lined paper. And now spending tens of hours on useless paperwork dictated by Ms. Gist takes up valuable teacher time. The students lose. I'm happy for this man because he will now recover from his ordeal. Good luck and Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. I hope I'm PC.

Comment #2 by Ed Jucation on 2012 12 14

ACTUALLY THE INITIAL COMMENT IS NOT FROM AN "IGNORANT" PERSON MS OR MR JUCATION . The individual begins his comments, then rant with aim at individuals, all of whom have been delegated rights & responsibilities by the Prov School Bd, the Mayor & the citizens of the city including parents. Perhaps a hint of the teachers frustration comes early on when he mentions the need for more "student down time" aka as play & time for a monitor or TA to observe/watch & discipline. If Mr Round wants to publicly air his comments, he has accomplished his goal. If he wants to vilify the system , Supt or the "hated" Ms Gist..he will fail in that battle. He sought his 15 minute Swan song but only managed to repeat enough issues to fill 7+ minutes..good riddance

Comment #3 by frank bentley on 2012 12 14

perhaps YOUR IGNORANCE.. Ms/Mr Jucation comes from the pursuit of your dream..short work day, 4 long vacations, summers off, nice salary & a pension...isn't that what you work for? it must be given the pathetic & worsening record of Prov Public schools

Comment #4 by frank bentley on 2012 12 14

I don't want to get in the middle of a p***ing contest between you two, but, why do I think that this video will be part of a CV submission to a Teachers' Union somewhere?

Comment #5 by Michael Trenn on 2012 12 14

Mr Trenn..p**s away..I am

Comment #6 by frank bentley on 2012 12 14

you sure won't see this clip on the mainstream media, just as you won't see the clip of the conservative getting punched at the union rally in MI.

if you break the code of union silence, you will be blacklisted. the NEA needs to get the message that the current curriculum is not working; USA is getting lapped in the education field.

i thought teachers were supposed to teach, and that included using "outside the box" techniques to increase test scores and help students.

Comment #7 by Mateo C on 2012 12 14

tough to determine whose right and whose not....

one thing for sure, most of the schools still suck.

Comment #8 by jon paycheck on 2012 12 15

Having worked in schools for 20 years, we need more teachers like Mr. Round who advocate for the needs of the students!

Comment #9 by barnaby morse on 2012 12 15

This teacher has a point....Teaching in Providence is all about alignment, standardization,and high stakes testing....Administration is invested in "evidence based programs selected to produce high test scores...teachers are admonished if they do not implement these with "fidelity" What those who do not teach don't realize is that our fidelity needs to be with the student who is struggling...not to programs that are supposed to work but don't....Teachers need freedom to match strategies and programs to student need, be creative with tough learning problems, use their experience and help students as they understand them....I think this is why this teacher is frustrated...

Comment #10 by joe mama on 2012 12 15

Want to change our cookies cutter school system? Get rid of the NEA, and start a voucher program right across the board.
Give teachers what has to be taught, then let them teach it. Want the children to know basic math? Tell the teacher the children will know addition, subtraction, multipication and division. Basic engilsh/reading recognize nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. If a child isn't doing well the teacher can document that and what was done to correct the situation. Including teacher confrences and contact with the parent. How active was the parent/guardian? Without engaged guardians neither the child nor the teacher has a chance. Then test the students.
When I hire a mechanic to fix the car I don't tell him how to do it.

Comment #11 by Wuggly Ump on 2012 12 17

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