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NEW: Treasurer Raimondo Opposes ‘Closed-Door Meetings’ Ahead of Pension Case

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


With Governor Chafee calling for negotiations with union leaders ahead of a Friday court date, General Treasurer Gina Raimondo today said she is opposed to “closed-door meetings” to avoid having the courts rule on the state’s landmark pension reform package.

"It's now the job of the judicial branch to evaluate the legislation passed by the General Assembly, and we should let it do its work,” Raimondo said. “If at some point the court asks the state to sit down to try and reach a settlement, we will do so in good faith. In the meantime, Treasury will continue to work diligently to defend the important work done by the General Assembly.”

The legislature overwhelmingly passed the pension reform bill last year and Governor Chafee signed the bill into law.

"It is important to pause and remember that the passage of the Rhode Island Retirement Security Act represented the culmination of 11 months of thoughtful, fact-based analysis and input from retirees, employees and taxpayers across Rhode Island, as well as national pension and legal experts,” Raimondo said. “It was carefully designed by the General Assembly in an effort to save our state-administered retirement system."


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Comment #1 by michael riley on 2012 12 05

Because when Mike Riley is on your side .......

Comment #2 by Malachi Constant on 2012 12 06

I spent all my kids money!

Comment #3 by tom brady on 2012 12 06

In 1979, the General Assembly enacted Rhode Island General Law 36-11-12 that provides as follows:

§ 36-11-12 Retirement system matters excluded from collective bargaining. – Any and all matters relating to the employees' retirement system of the state of Rhode Island are excluded as negotiable items in the collective bargaining process. ?

Apparently this Governor doesn't know the law. Perhaps if he violates it, we can get him thrown out of office. Yeah, fat chance.

Comment #4 by Gov- stench on 2012 12 06

Gina only cares about Gina's political career. Exploring ways to drop the lawsuits or blunt a bad decision is prudent. Chafee is governing while Gina is campaigning.
What does she do with her time? Fish for out of state campaign money?

Comment #5 by Real Clear on 2012 12 06

If Mr Chafee's intentions were pure...we wouldn't be so aware of his attempts...we have a rudderless Governor

Comment #6 by michael riley on 2012 12 06

Gina is more republican than David Koch the Elephant.

Comment #7 by TheRhodeIsland WorkingMan on 2012 12 11

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