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video: NEW: Business Leader Grills Cicilline on Providence Budget

Monday, April 18, 2011


Congressman David Cicilline was once again asked today to defend his record as mayor of Providence, in the wake of a report showing that city finances are in shambles.

Cicilline was asked about the issue at a Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce breakfast this morning.

He told moderator Laurie White, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, that the decisions he made as mayor were the right ones. He said the city was hit with steep cuts in state aid and said he did not want to turn to tax increases to make up the difference. Cicilline said he remained proud of his record as mayor and is confidence that he will be judged by his successes as mayor.

He also said he thought voters cared more about jobs and the economy than the budget issues in Providence.


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Edward Rivers

GRILLS? I've seen more grilling at a sushi restaurant. DEVELOPING...? What is developing?

Edward Rivers

Oh, and quick question, please. What is Laurie White's salary? She is an empty suit.

Charles Drago


Please recall how, during the 2010 campaign, David Cicilline kept telling us how "proud" he is of his stewardship of Providence public schools.

You know ... arguably the world-performing public school system in the United States of America.

It worked in September and November, 2010. Why shouldn't Cicilline try the same trusty lies all over again?

David Cicilline is in the midst of his last hurrah.

As for the "grilling" ...

Do your job, Go Local Prov, and stop the B.S.!!!

Charles Drago



"[David Cicilline] also said he thought voters cared more about jobs and the economy than the budget issues in Providence."

He's right.

Under David Cicilline's "leadership," unemployment in Providence was among the highest in the nation.

Under David Cicilline's "leadership," the economy of Providence plummeted to unprecedented depths.

David Cicilline is DIRECTLY AND PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the budget "issues" that now plague Providence.

You know the old saying ... Deader than Hogan's cajones ...

Charles Drago



That's "WORST-performing public school system in the United States of America."

watching providence

You call that a "grilling"? What a joke. Are there any REAL REPORTERS out there who will actually follow up with some tough questions? What is David proud of? Leaving the city in financial ruin?

Max Diesel


Would somebody please ask this clown why he made the city auditor file a public records request for the city's budget information. He's the city auditor for crying out loud!!! Not one of these so called journalist or 'grillers' has asked that question. We already know the answer but I'd love to see how the sociopath answers it.

Charles Drago


A simple question for the self-styled Progressives of Providence's East Side -- the Raised Pinky Radicals.

The premise:

David Cicilline has said, over and over again, that he is proud of what he did for Providence public schools -- and what he did was virtually destroy them.

David Cicilline has said, over and over again, that he is proud of what he did for Providence's economy -- and what he did was virtually destroy it.

David Cicilline has said, over and over again, that he is proud to stand for Progressive values.

And so, Raised Pinky Radicals, you tell me: Why in the name of all that is rational and just do you continue to support the lying and incompetent David Cicilline -- support that extends to warning Angel Taveras that his pwm East Side support will disappear if he speaks the truth about David Cicilline?

A dollar donated to the unelectable David Cicilline is a dollar donated to the Republican-Tea Party Conglomerate.

Sleep with THAT truth, Myrth York.

Tom Rice

Did the ProJo give you this "story"????
The video is just a promo piece on Cicilline's opinion of Providence's financial disaster. Where are the tough questions and fact checking????? I am really disappointed with GoLocal.

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