RI Author Smith Releases Newest Book “The Vampire”

Saturday, October 13, 2018


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Raina Smith

Rhode Island author Raina Smith announced the release of her latest novel titled “The Vampire.”

“After writing furiously for over a year, I am thrilled to finally share The Vampire with the public. This is so much more than just another vampire novel, this book is about humanity, struggle, the quest to explain one's place in the universe, the search for evidence of a higher power, and hope for redemption.  While I love all my books, I feel especially attached to this eccentric vampire character whom I know readers will love, admire, find terrifying, yet for whom their hearts will bleed,” said Smith.

The Vampire is 453 pages.  It is available on Amazon.com (paperback/kindle), Barnes & Noble (NOOK) and coming to Apple iBooks soon.  

Dates for upcoming book signings soon to be released.  

The Vampire

The storyline of the book is as follows:

“Hundreds of years ago, Rex, one of the world’s rarest and most powerful vampires, decided to quietly settle in Newport, Rhode Island, where the public still has no idea he lives among them. 

Rex, however, is no ordinary vampire.  A tortured soul, he roams Rhode Island’s most historic locations, tracking down some of the state’s most detestable human beings, to rid the area of those he considers contemptible, while leaving others in ignorant peace.  Yes, this vampire kills, but he does so in such spectacularly chilling fashion that it’s poetic. His sensitive side though is what sets him apart from his cold-blooded brethren.  Connecting to living things upon the earth, he develops a newfound appreciation for the natural world, all of which he feels mortals mostly take for granted, but which he no longer does. 

It is because of this, Rex, a vampire, ironically finds himself searching for evidence of a higher power to explain the deeper meaning of his existence, and if one such as him deserves a place in the universe, let alone redemption. Rhode Island’s vampire is complex beyond measure.  Not only is he a lover of nature, and the arts, he even has the capacity to fall passionately in love with a woman. 

Through his lifestyle and immortal experiences, Rex’s heart-wrenching story is a reminder of the beauty, yet complexity of the human experience.  As Rex learns, living as a vampire can be difficult, but dying is even harder.” 

About Smith

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Smith, a former television news reporter and director of communications for several political offices, is a native Rhode Islander and writer of The Vampire, as well as The 13th Apostle trilogy series.  Smith draws creative inspiration from personal experiences, an innate curiosity of the universal energy force that connects all life, a love for her home state’s storied history, and from a source which she considers of another realm, but cannot explain or identify, to create dramatic and intense storylines for her books.

Writing novels highlighting mankind’s struggle between good and evil, touching on the supernatural, is Smith’s life’s passion. 

She intends to spend the rest of her life observing and writing about the evolution of the human soul.


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