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video: Brown Freshman + HBO’s Treme Star India Ennenga Talks To GoLocal

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ennenga plays Kolt, the teenage daughter in the 2012 indie film Nobody Walks, starring fellow Brown grad John Kraskinski as her step-father.

Watch out, Emma Watson. Brown is reeling in another acting star this year. India Ennenga, the young actor starring in HBO's television drama series, Treme, has just started her freshman year at Brown University. Ennenga also shares the screen this fall with a fellow Brown alum John Krasinski in the independent film, Nobody Walks, playing at the Cable Car Cinema this weekend.

The talented seventeen-year-old has played Sofia, daughter of Creighton (John Goodman) and Toni Bernette (Melissa Leo) since the show first aired in April 2010. Since then her character has supplied a bright spark in the sometimes dark backdrop of post-Katrina New Orleans.

The show, created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer, is a tribute to New Orleans residents rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Drenched with New Orleans culture, from Mardi Gras chiefs to jazz musicians, Treme builds upon the stories not only of New Orleans’ residents, but of the city itself.

Working in New Orleans

India Ennenga has grown up in front of viewers on HBO's critically acclaimed series, Treme, as Sofia, the daughter of characters portrayed by John Goodman and Melissa Leo.

Being from New York, Ennenga’s time filming in New Orleans has had a strong impact on her. “New Orleans feels like a second home to me at this point. I think it is one of the most incredible cities in America and the people there are so resilient and inspiring. The fact that the culture and the spirit of the city survived something as devastating as Katrina and much of the aftermath is incredible to me,” Ennenga said. “It’s so amazing to see the city thriving again and to watch as each year the streets feel more and more alive. Everyone down there that survived the storm should feel so proud of what they have accomplished.”

Falling in love with Providence

New Orleans isn’t the only city winning a place in Ennenga’s heart; Providence is earning its special spot there too. “I actually love Providence,” she said. “I find that Providence actually reminds me of New Orleans in some ways. There’s a similar feeling of a close-knit community despite the fact that you’re in a big city. Plus, Ennenga added, "the different array of scenes—from artsy to old-fashioned to industrial—is very reminiscent of New Orleans."

Settling in at Brown

The Brown freshman said she is loving her college experience. “Brown is fantastic so far," she said. "I love the classes that I’m taking and I’ve met some amazing people." Ennenga said she has been recognized by her fellow students, "which I always find so strange. I guess I tend to think of myself as just another blond girl in the crowd, so it’s always so surprising when someone stops me and asks if I’m an actress.”

Ennenga plans to major in either literature, "or find a way to design a major in the study of ancient religions,” she said.

Balancing school and acting

A veteran actor, Ennenga has become accustomed to balancing school and acting. “There are a lot of flights and homework assignments to be made up, but my teachers are all really nice and understanding, which is so helpful,” she said. But it’s worth the effort for the passionate young star. “I have always wanted to act and I actually begged my mom to let me for years before she finally relented,” Ennenga said.

She hasn’t regretted the decision. “I think that acting has certainly made me more independent, because I’ve basically been working in an adult world since I was a kid. I’ve really been so lucky to work with amazing actors and directors over the years and those experiences certainly made a big impression on me. I’ve learned so much from shooting Treme.”

But it’s time to move on for Ennenga. Now that Treme is now in its fourth and final season, keep an eye out for her as she takes on the acting world. Make sure to catch her in Treme, and her new film, Nobody Walks, which has just been released. And don’t miss the chance to see it Saturday, November 10, at the Cable Car Cinema in Providence, where Ennenga will appear for a Q&A. Click here for more information and tickets.

See Ennenga (and Krasinski) in the Nobody Walks trailer, here:


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