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slides: NEW: Rhode Island Named #49 State For Business—Forbes

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Rhode Island has been named #49 in the country when it comes to doing business in a new ranking from Forbes Magazine. The 2012 Best Places To Do Business Ranking from the popular financial magazine named Utah the #1 state.

Forbes assesses each state on 35 data points that represent "six vital factors for businesses: costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life." Business costs, which include labor, energy and taxes, are weighted the most heavily. For more on Forbes' methodology, go here.

How did the rest of New England's states do? See the slides for more.

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Rhode Island #49

2011 ranking: 48

Sub-measure rankings for Rhode Island

Business Costs: 41
Labor Supply: 38
Regulatory Environment: 50
Economic Climate: 49
Growth Prospects: 28
Quality of Life: 18


Job Growth (2012): -0.6%
Cost of Doing Business: 2.0% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 30.5%
Net Migration (2012): 3,700
Moody's Bond Rating: Aa2

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Massachusetts #17

2011 ranking: 18

Sub-measure rankings for Massachusetts

Business Costs: 49
Labor Supply: 9
Regulatory Environment: 42
Economic Climate: 8
Growth Prospects: 16
Quality of Life: 1


Job Growth (2012): 1.1%
Cost of Doing Business: 22.3% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 38.2%
Net Migration (2012): 7,700
Moody's Bond Rating: Aa1

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New Hampshire #32

2011 ranking: 27

Sub-measure rankings for New Hampshire

Business Costs: 44
Labor Supply: 20
Regulatory Environment: 41
Economic Climate: 22
Growth Prospects: 29
Quality of Life: 6


Job Growth (2012): 0.3%
Cost of Doing Business: 10.8% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 32.0%
Net Migration (2012): 11,900
Moody's Bond Rating: Aa1

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Connecticut #39

2011 ranking: 35

Sub-measure rankings for Connecticut

Business Costs: 47
Labor Supply: 23
Regulatory Environment: 37
Economic Climate: 35
Growth Prospects: 31
Quality of Life: 3


Job Growth (2012): 0.3%
Cost of Doing Business: 13.9% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 35.6%
Net Migration (2012): 6,600
Moody's Bond Rating: Aa3

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Vermont #44

2011 ranking: 45

Sub-measure rankings for Vermont

Business Costs: 45
Labor Supply: 19
Regulatory Environment: 49
Economic Climate: 31
Growth Prospects: 46
Quality of Life: 14


Job Growth (2012): 1.1%
Cost of Doing Business: 11.9% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 33.1%
Net Migration (2012): 3,900
Moody's Bond Rating: Aaa

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Maine #50

2011 ranking: 50

Sub-measure rankings for Maine

Business Costs: 40
Labor Supply: 34
Regulatory Environment: 46
Economic Climate: 44
Growth Prospects: 49
Quality of Life: 17


Job Growth (2012): 0.2%
Cost of Doing Business: 8.6% above nat'l avg
College Attainment: 26.9%
Net Migration (2012): 8,000
Moody's Bond Rating: Aa2

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Utah #1

2011 ranking: 1

Sub-measure rankings for Utah

Business Costs: 12
Labor Supply: 4
Regulatory Environment: 6
Economic Climate: 6
Growth Prospects: 9
Quality of Life: 15


Job Growth (2012): 2.1%
Cost of Doing Business: 9.5% below nat'l avg
College Attainment: 28.5%
Net Migration (2012): 5,000
Moody's Bond Rating: Aaa


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you have got to give the progressives and their policies credit ....

They have certainly worked wonders and We continue to get national headlines

Comment #1 by michael riley on 2012 12 13


Comment #2 by Nathan HALE on 2012 12 13

Yet another low ranking for our state. The CNBC survey has Rhode Island ranked last for 2 years in a row now. As long as the same party and the same individuals keep getting elected this website will always have a place. www.rirankedlast.com

Comment #3 by Michael Napolitano on 2012 12 14

It's gotten worse! I guess Illegal Immigration and Gay Marriage aren't really economic drivers.

Comment #4 by Michael Trenn on 2012 12 14

Wait!!!! We're not doing good when it comes to luring business to Rhode Island??

Comment #5 by Patrick Boyd on 2012 12 14

Rhode Island ranks #1 in importing third world poverty.

Comment #6 by LENNY BRUCE on 2013 04 29

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