NEW: Fung Proposes Legislation to Prevent Lobbyists’ Loans to Lawmakers

Friday, June 27, 2014


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Allan Fung

GOP candidate for Governor Allan Fung has pledged that if elected, he would propose legislation that would prevent lawmakers from receiving personal loans from lobbyists.

This is in response to former House Speaker Fox having received a personal loan greater than a $1,000 from registered lobbyist Ray Rickman.

“This is unacceptable,” Fung stated. “Politics as usual has to stop. When the Speaker of the House, arguably the most powerful person in state, is taking personal loans from lobbyists, and the lobbyist is quoted as saying that he ‘forgot about’ the loan, something is clearly wrong with the state Code of Ethics. As Rhode Island Governor, I will offer legislation to prohibit personal loans by lobbyists to legislators.”

“This type of conduct creates a cloud of suspicion over our elected officials and that is the reason for my six point plan for government reform announced earlier this year. My plan includes restoring the authority of the Ethics Commission over the General Assembly, granting the governor a line item veto, implementing term limits, limiting late night legislation under suspension of the rules, and establishing voter initiatives to give our citizens a stronger voice. Questions surrounding former speaker Fox are only the latest example of the same old politics that have plagued Smith Hill. We need real reform to ensure that our elected officials are truly working in our State’s best interest,” concluded Fung.

Fung has pledged to propose legislation to amend the Rhode Island Code of Ethics so that elected officials could not accept personal loans from registered lobbyists.


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