Finneran: Putin’s Book Of Revelation

Friday, January 13, 2017


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Let’s quickly stipulate to several matters regarding the thug Putin, the traitor Assange, and the saga of Wikileaks, such stipulations being essential to cooling the fevered brows of disappointed Democrats.

Vladimir Putin is a vicious violent thug. He has no interest in helping America in any way. His main interests are a) himself and b) strengthening Russia by way of intimidation of others. Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush flattered themselves with smug sophomoric delusions of insight---Barack’s “reset button” and W’s “I looked into his soul”. What rubbish. Utterly ridiculous rubbish.

Julian Assange is a traitor. He revealed national secrets. He betrayed his nation. He exposed and endangered American agents. He is not a hero. He is not to be admired. He should not be pardoned. He is a treasonous fraud. 

As for the Wikileaks saga, I’m less concerned for the source of the information---Was it Russia? Was it another nation---China perhaps, enjoying and perfecting various hacks of various websites? Was it an angry American, fed up with the self-serving charades, the spying, and the bullying of and by various federal agencies?

Rather, I’m simultaneously amused and angered by the revelations themselves, the accuracy of which have not been disputed by anyone at all. What a window they provided into Hillary Clinton’s world, a world of consultants, for consultants, by consultants.

Are candidates today so devoid of ideas---their own ideas based upon their own observations and their own experiences---that they must gather these faceless and unelectable “wise men” for “creative thinking”?  Wise men they are not. A passing thought---no one would ever describe Harry Truman as elite, “progressive”, Ivy-League, or “cool”. Yet he was better-read, better informed, and a better judge of people and events than any President of the previous or current century. God, do we need another Truman, a leader with his own ideas.

 Back to a sample of the Wikileaks revelations, which were copies of emails from Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta’s computer:

*various notes showing close kissy-face coordination with media outlets such as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and other “journalists” and outlets. So much for objectivity. What a joke. The whole game involves editorial control, access, and being on the inside with whomever their favored candidate might be;

* scurrilous assaults on Bernie Sanders, his faith, his supporters, and his unexpected campaign successes; Team Clinton’s response was a “how dare he do this to us?” attitude, highlighted by a manipulation of the number and timing of the primary debates;

* the advance leaking of debate questions by a television correspondent to Hillary’s campaign; Gee, that seems perfectly fair. All these Ivy League geniuses resorting to the techniques of Tammany but with none of the panache of those distant days; I wonder how those millions of despised voters would do on admission exams to which they had the questions in advance........perhaps they could get into Harvard or Yale, thereby becoming “brilliant” and deemed “better” than everyone else;

* speaking of despised voters, how about those emails describing “needy Latinos”? Need I say more about the revelatory nature of such commentary? If offered by others, such commentary would be instantly labeled as racist, xenophobic, and hateful. When offered by Clinton consultants It seems to be judged differently, perhaps as demographic shorthand, full of benign intentions. While we’re at it, might I sell you a bridge?

* those campaign consultants outdid themselves in mocking Catholics and Catholic faith. Apparently, the Church is in need of re-education and training, perhaps to be conducted by these brilliant and rational consultants; I’m taking bets that these egotistical dopes couldn’t even find a Catholic church let alone guide an informed discussion about Catholic principles and teaching; their condescension and their bias is palpable, akin to the lecturing of Netanyahu about the history and future of Israel.

All the hue and cry about the source of those Wikileaks---Russia, China, et. al.---seems designed to mask the fact that Hillary’s consultants are pretty nasty folks. Let’s assume that Putin was the orchestrating devil behind the leaks. Big deal.

As noted, I don’t like him and I don’t trust him. I have no expectations that he wants to help America and Americans. But he didn’t write those emails. Fellow Americans did. For shame.

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Tom Finneran is the former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, served as the head the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, and was a longstanding radio voice in Boston radio.


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Ken McKay

Chief of staff to former Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri, McKay has woven a trail of key GOP appointments for himself that have led him to his latest position, when he was brought on board the Trump campaign in April as one of his top advisers. 

McKay was former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s chief of staff, and was the Political Director at the Republican Governors Association’s under Chris Christie’s chairmanship -- and was a key Christie consultant this presidential cycle until the the NJ Governor stepped down and threw his support behind Trump.

“McKay’s a huge asset for Trump. He’s got both the national ties, and he’s got the inside the beltway relationships that Trump doesn’t have,” said Rhode Island political operative Jeff Britt. “McKay’s well liked and well-respected in a way that Trump isn’t, and I think that will have an effect.”

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Jim Murphy

A recent shake up in the Trump campaign has been the hiring of veteran operative Jim Murphy as its political director — who had served as advisor to former Rhode Island House Minority leader Brad Gorham when he ran unsuccessfully for Attorney General in 1990.  

Murphy has worked with other presidential candidates including Bob Dole and Mitt Romney, and is the former president of the Republican PR and lobby shop DCI Group.

Gorham's son Nick, who is a former state representative, remembers Murphy’s involvement in the race. Brad Gorham passed away in 2015. 

"Jim Murphy was a nice guy who helped my dad, but it was a tough year for Republicans, which is non unusual for RI," said Gorham.  

Photo: LinkedIn

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Paul Manafort

Trump's now top campaign strategist has GOP ties to Rhode Island, having been a top campaign aide for former Rhode Island Governor Ed DiPrete in the 1980s.

Politico mentioned Manafort's DiPrete connection when he joined forces with the presumptive GOP nominee in April; Manafort's presence on the national stage has been well documented.

"For Trump, who has cast himself as an outsider to the Republican Party firmament, there could hardly be a less outsider-y pick than his new hire. Manafort was uniquely predisposed to become an insider in Republican politics: His father, for whom he was named, served as mayor for three terms in New Britain, Conn. When the elder Paul Manafort died in 2013, his obituary noted that he had served as a delegate or alternate delegate at past Republican national conventions," wrote Rebecca Berg for

Another DiPrete operative — Marc Palazzo — had been named in the press as having had recent conversations with Manafort, but Palazzo told GoLocal he is not involved with the campaign in any capacity.


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