Don Roach: Obama- A Case Study In Deceit

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


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I’m not sure if I will ever stop kicking myself for voting for Obama in 2008. I pride myself on not buying into hype, hoopla, and hyperbolic rhetoric! I don’t consider myself to be a LIV – Lopsided Indigo Vulture aka Low Information Voter – but I bought what Obama was selling in 2008.

And even if we give him the benefit of the doubt that he tried to bring hope and change and failed, what he sold us as Obamacare is nothing more than, I hate to say it, a lie.

I try not to use such terms often because people are always crying ‘liar, liar’ all the time and I think you need to have some pretty substantial evidence to claim anything as such. With Obamacare, I believe we have a mountain of evidence that supports my opinion that Obama lied to the American public as he sold people (not me this time) on the merits of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare.

If you like your plan, you can keep it…Sike!

Not sure if you young kids use the word “sike” but growing up in the 1980's the term meant that what you just said before was just a bunch of hogwash. And indeed, when Obama told us we could keep our plan if we wanted to, that was pure garbage.

Many of my progressive friends might be rolling their eyes at the last statement saying that what Obama said was ‘technically true’ in that the government wasn’t going to force insurance companies to change their plans. Yet, the effect of Obamacare for many us means changes to healthcare as we knew it, and not for the better.

Keeping our plans is another broken promise from the Obama administration and I’m glad some have decided to call him on it. Regardless of the technicality, you cannot tell me that the president’s team was unaware of the consequences that would occur if Obamacare was implemented?

And with that knowledge there is no way Obama should have ever told us that we could (all) keep our health plans if we wanted to keep them. Heck, even some prominent members of the Democratic party have recently said that premiums are going to go up as part of Obamacare .

Where were these people a few years ago?

Republicans have been screaming about the ills of Obamacare for years and just partially shut down the government over the issue, but with many employers changing their coverages, reducing coverages, and raising premiums for employees citing Obamacare as the reason, why didn’t Democrats say something before?

Seriously, I get the compassion that goes behind a system where everyone has access to healthcare. In 1992, as a freshman in high school, I wrote a ‘bill’ for a mock Congress that provided for universal healthcare for all Americans. The question posed to me is the same we’ve posed to Obama, who’s going to pay for this? Back then, my solution was taxes. Obama’s answer essentially told us to not worry about it because you’ll be able to keep your plan.

And with all that has occurred between that statement and now, all we can do is shake our heads and ask the question – can any politician tell the truth?

Obama has provided the blueprint for deceiving the American populace. Pretty up some trash and call it beautiful and the people will believe it. If some of you are thinking, I’m being too harsh on the president and that I’m not seeing or reporting the full picture, please feel free to take time and give your perspective in the comment section below or send me an e-mail.

But, I firmly believe that when the dust settles we will look back on Obamacare as doing nothing to stem the rising tide of healthcare costs and having a direct impact in increasing the healthcare costs for most Americans.

I hope I’m wrong.

Don Roach can be reached [email protected] . You can follow Don on twitter @donroach34.


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