NEW: Hillary Clinton Coming to RI, Fundraiser Hosted by Paolino and Weiner

Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Democratic Presidential front runner Hillary Clinton will be having a major fundraiser on June 10th in Rhode Island. The event will be held 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in East Greenwich.

Hosts are former Providence Mayor Joe Paolino and Democratic strategist Mark Weiner.

The tickets are $1000 (includes reception), $2700 (includes photo line reception with Hillary), raise $10,000 (co-host) and raise $27,000 (host). 

Second, donors can RSVP via the attached link :



Related Slideshow: Obama Coming to Newport—Questions for the President from the Community

President Obama will be in Newport today to headline a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) fundraiser at "Seafair" the Newport home of Rick Bready.  GoLocal asked local business and community leaders if they had the opportunity to ask the President one question -- what would it be, and why?

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John Jannotti

"At the undergraduate level, Pell Grants provide financial aid based primarily on need.  At the graduate level, students are often supported by grants based on their area of study.  What is the proper balance between encouraging the study of fields that are economically valuable to the country versus allowing students to choose the best course of study for themselves?"

John Jannotti, Foodler Co-Founder; Brown University Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Alan Shawn Feinstein

"President Obama -- what is your outlook for the future of our country?" 

Alan Shawn Feinstein, Humanitarian & Philanthropist 

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Jorge Elorza

"President Obama, much of the innovative, substantive change happening around the world is being accomplished at the municipal level with mayors leading the way. What can you do to better empower municipalities and build on this momentum?"

Jorge Elorza, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Providence

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Mary Raum, PhD

"In 2011 President Obama signed the executive order for the US National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security. How instrumental are the considerations of WPS in our national military policy to current situations in Syria and the Ukraine? How is the US supporting the directives this order implies?"

Dr. Mary Raum, United States Naval War College Professor, National Security Affairs; Chair, Women Peace & Security Initiative

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Michael Rose

"I would love to know what President Obama thinks of Rhode Island's new policy not to tax fine art.  Is that something he sees being implemented at the national level?

Michael Rose, Providence Art Club Gallery Coordinator 

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Didi Lorillard

"How do you propose to challenge, and to get around, the deniers of climate change? Or to convince the people who have allowed self-interest, or fear of losing their livelihoods, that they face losing much more? What steps can be taken to prevent their obstructive tactics? Hasn't this now become the central issue of our times, and of your Presidency?"

Didi Lorillard, Author, Newport Etiquette & Modern Manners

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John Harwood, Jr.

"Egypt, Lybia, and Syria -- is that a success in your administration's eyes?"

John Harwood, Jr., Brown Men's Ice Hockey


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