PODCAST: White Elected Officials in RI Have No Comment on Ferguson, NY Protests

Monday, December 08, 2014


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While prominent elected officials and community leaders of color have weighed in on the the grand jury decisions in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY, white elected officials in Rhode Island have remained silent.


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Pilar McCould

Providence NAACP Branch

"Although I understand the law, I cannot wrap my head around this decision. So am I to understand that Mike Vick who fought dogs.....illegal yes,  did do jail time, lost his position & had to prove himself in society once released from prison is a criminal but a law officer can shoot kill an unarmed young man & not be indicated on any charges????

We have come from the days of MLK.......or have we???? There are times I feel as though it's a modern day Jim Crowe.   And I somehow have to be able to explain this to students who I work with, parents who are angry & community residents who are outraged."

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Kobi Dennis

Project Night Vision

"My thoughts come from a local standpoint. The urban community for decades have not seen "Eye to Eye" with law enforcement. They don't understand our culture and we don't understand theirs... This situation and many others have been extremely difficult to navigate, especially from a civilian point of view. I agree with the masses concerning police brutality, racist officers and unjust arrests.

What I don't believe in has to do with continuing this unbalanced relationship. We need one another and the sooner community & law enforcement realize this, incidents such as the Mike Brown death will lesson. The community has extended an "Olive Branch" on many occasions and the responses from law enforcement and community are improving. We have plenty of work to do on this issue and several others concerning race relations but it takes hard work and dedication instead of millions of angry bloggers."

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Leah Williams Metts

NAACP Youth Council

"I believe that everyone had hope but in the back of our mind we knew what the verdict was going to be

We knew he would get off free for this its sad. I am very happy that they took a second look at the case. I think that that might have sent a huge message to police officers all over this country."

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Ray Watson

Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association

"Legally they have their reasons. But morally and righteously, is disgraceful. And it's systemic. Overwhelmingly Law Enforcement can shoot people, especially young Black males, with impunity. I'll be out tomorrow voicing my disgust with the situation. I hope others will join us as well."


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