Video Shows Providence Speed Camera Being Defaced

Friday, March 09, 2018


GoLocal has obtained video of one of Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza's controversial speed cameras being defaced.

The footage shows a person defacing a camera on what appears to be Daniel Avenue in Providence, with a "LOL" on one side, and a "U R Welcome" on the other --- after spray painting over the camera window.

It is unclear when the video was taken.  GoLocal was first to report the widespread camera vandalism in February. 

Latest in Brewing Battle

As GoLocal reported Tuesday:

Long-time Providence Municipal Court Judge Frank Caprio heard six straight hours of violators challenging the City of Providence’s new speed cameras on Monday, when it was estimated more than 1,000 attended hearings at Providence Municipal Court at the Providence Public Safety Complex.

"It was really busy, and I did expect them to come out today," said Caprio. "We sent out close to 2,000 summons, we got a pretty good response. We were there from 8 a.m. to quarter of 2. It broke a record for the time I sat on the bench."

And as GoLocal reported, community activist Anthony Sionni is organizing a protest to be held before the City Council meeting on March 15.

The protest is scheduled before City Councilwoman Sabina Matos plans to introduce a resolution calling for the delay in implementation of any new speed cameras until an "educational campaign" is implemented.


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