NEW: Hinckley Rips Senate Dems for Not Producing Budget

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The Hinckley for Senate campaign is again ripping Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and the Democratic Senate for not producing a budget.

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Following an apparent uprising from the Senate Democratic Conference, the Budget Committee Chairman, Kent Conrad (D-ND), announced that he wasn’t able to get enough Democrats to back a fiscal 2013 budget.

“This is completely unacceptable. It is unfathomable that the Senate has failed to pass a budget in 3 years. The real reason they don’t want to vote on the mark up is because it contains $2.6 trillion in tax increases, no spending cuts, and adds $8.2 trillion in new gross debt. At a time when Sheldon Whitehouse is demanding tax increases, he is abdicating his responsibility to work on a budget so that taxpayers know where he intends to spend their money. It is obvious that Sheldon Whitehouse is incapable of addressing our spending and debt problems,” Hinckley continued.

Hinckley blame Whitehouse for playing partisan politics.

“Our nation has never needed a budget more than now, and while Rhode Island and our country face great challenges, Sheldon continues to play partisan politics. Ask any small business owner in Rhode Island if they could keep their doors open if they did not have a budget. This is why we need new faces in Washington, not the same old career politicians. Sheldon has forfeited his claim on leadership for Rhode Island and our children,” concluded Hinckley.


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