Guest MINDSETTER™ Tom Kenney: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Friday, September 11, 2015


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Fourteen years back, one clear September morn

The fabric of our lives was irrevocably torn

But there were those who stepped up to the call

Men destined by fate to give all


The nation’s response was very humbling indeed

And we embraced that support in our time of need

As we gathered to pay respect to our dead

We couldn’t have imagined what lie ahead


It took but a short time for things to reverse

Year by year our standing grew worse

No longer those heroes who sacrificed all

Now in their eyes we no longer stand tall


Once idolized, now criticized

Once canonized, now demonized

Once unionized, now ostracized


It never takes long for these things to occur

Never returning to how they once were

For the public’s loyalty can change on a whim

As our once bright light grows suddenly dim


People will believe that the lies are all true

From the mouths of politicians; bean-counters too

Their bottom line is the almighty dollar         

No longer embracing us with great ardor


Too many firemen, they say; they cost too much

Time for layoffs and brown-outs and such

Once not a job, but rather a calling

Ain’t it amazing how the mighty have fallen


Tom Kenney

Captain - Prov Fire Dept



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