Female Young Republican Says She Was Booted After Relationship with President Goes Wrong

Monday, February 12, 2018


A female member of the Rhode Island Young Republicans (RIYR) is alleging she was ousted from the political organization after a relationship with the current RIYR President went sour. He denies the charge, but a taped phone conversation undermines his claims.

Rachel Hussey of Newport said that after confronting RIYR President Rob Sullivan about a relationship with another woman, that after several exchanges that involved contacting the police by both parties, that he told her she was expelled from the group. 

Sullivan denied the expulsion -- but Hussey provided a taped a phone call in which Sullivan told her she was out, which is inconsistent with his comments to GoLocal on Sunday. In the call, Sullivan said she had violated multiple by-laws and in an interviewed with GoLocal he said he did not want her at a GOP event because he feared for her mental health. 

LISTEN: Tape of Call Between Sullivan and Hussey ABOVE

Hussey has filed with the Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF) saying that the state organization has improperly removed her from the organization -- the national organization has not ruled about her complaints.

"I guess I would say is what sparked this -- Sullivan and I were in a [physical] relationship, and I found out he was in another relationship with someone in [the Lieutenant Governor's] office," said Hussey. "After confronting him on the personal matter, he had his vice chair get involved, calling the police, things of a political nature. He said don't call me, I'm calling the police. Everything blew up from there, it got personal, and it got worse." 

"She hasn't been kicked out of anything. She was asked not to come to the Christmas party," said Sullivan when reached on Sunday. "It's a little deeper." The phone call unveiled a different story.

Allegations Levied

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RIYR Chair Sullivan has denied kicking Hussey out of the group.

Hussey said she received a message from RIYR prior to their holiday party in December that she was barred from attending -- and if she did, she would be removed by police. 

Sullivan said it was after messages that Hussey sent saying she would harm herself that prompted him to take action and contact authorities. 

"She went on a suicidal rampage, insinuating she'd take her life, the police told us to tell her not to come," said Sullivan.  "Mental health is not something to joke around about, so we contacted the police."

Sullivan denied however that any actions taken had to do with a personal relationship with Hussey. 

"She said she was going to tear down the organization. That's why she was asked not to come -- now that time has come to cool down, we said we'd go through the [formal expulsion] process," said Sullivan. 

Hussey did not deny that she sent suicidal messages. 

"I told him you make me feel worthless, that type of thing," said Hussey following the end of the relationship. "A lot of what was said was in the moment -- I take a lot of responsibility [for my actions]."

Grievances Filed 

On December 14, Hussey sent the following in a formal grievance email to the YRNF. 

There are multiple reasons for which I am making this grievance, the first of which is [Sullivan's] declaration of my “expulsion” from the group. This past Monday, December 11, [2017] when I asked for login information to add phone numbers to our registered voters list, Rob informed me that I was “expelled” from the group. After discussing with Jason [with the national organization] whether this was possible, he informed me that, especially as a non-dues paying member, it would be near-impossible to make that executive decision, but would have to be corroborated by the by-laws. I formally requested the by-laws from the admins at RIYR shortly thereafter on the same day, but have heard nothing in response to it yet. 

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Hussey with Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, GOP Chair Brandon Bell, and former GOP candidate Mike Smith.

Regarding the by-laws, Sullivan said they have always been posted on the RIYR website. 

"I don't know how recently that was on there -- I haven't been on the website recently," said Hussey. "I don't know who posted them or when. All know is I requested them."

Hussey sent a second grievance to the YRNF on February 6, 2018 alleging that elections were supposed to take place in January -- but never transpired -- and that Sullivan sent an African-American RIYR member an email, when contacted about the location of the Christmas party not being inclusive enough, that the RIYR was inclusive of "colored" people.

Sullivan denied both of those charges.

"In April [2017], we changed our name from 'Rhody Young Republicans' to 'Rhode Island Young Republicans.' The [initial] group was originally formed in 2013. I was elected President in 2017, and I along with my other board members, who've been on all along, have all been in agreement that this was not a substantial change, and the next elections will take place as scheduled in 2019," said Sullivan, to Hussey's assertation that discussions had taken place -- and a meeting planned -- to address new elections eight months following the new organization name. 

As for the email, Sullivan denied sending it.

"We're inclusive of everyone in the RIYR," said Sullivan. 


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